Apple October event: iPad Pro 2022, new MacBook Pros and everything to expect

Apple may be preparing a major iPad and MacBook Pro announcement for October 2022.

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After the Apple September event, the long-simmering rumours of an October Apple event only seem more plausible.

We saw new iPhones, Apple Watches and AirPods at the Far Out event, but no Macs or iPads. That’s good, since the rumors have claimed we’ll be seeing new Apple tablets, laptops and desktops at a later date, likely in mid-October just before the holiday shopping rush kicks into high gear.

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So what else does that leave Apple to unveil? Here’s what we expect from an Apple October event. 

Apple October event: Latest news and rumors (Updated Sept. 20)

  • A Logitech listing for its Crayon Pencil has hinted at the release of the new iPad Pro 2022, suggesting that it may happen soon.
  • A fresh report claims that production of MacBook Pro M2 Pro devices is increasing.
  • These features are necessary for the iPad Pro 2022 to fulfil its potential as a laptop substitute.
  • OLED screens are reportedly still a few years away from being on the iPad Pro 2022.

Apple October event date: When is the Apple event likely to be?

Last year, Apple’s Unleashed event took place on October 18, just over a month after Apple’s previous event in September. Going by this pattern again, we are expecting to see an event scheduled for mid-October, with an announcement appearing early in the month.

It’s actually more uncommon for Apple to hold just one fall product launch than multiple events. Looking back at the company’s recent history dating back to 2016, only two years — 2017 and 2019 featured a single product event.

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Here’s a quick recap of how Apple has spent its last six falls.

  • October 2021: MacBook Pro with M1 Pro or M1 Max, all-new AirPods, HomePod mini
  • September 2021: iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13, Apple Watch 7, iPad mini, iPad.
  • November 2020: M1 chip with new Macbook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro and Mac Mini models
  • October 2020: iPhone 12 lineup, HomePod mini
  • September 2020: Apple Watch 6, iPad Air
  • September 2019: iPhone 11 and Apple Watch 5, plus Apple services
  • October 2018: New Macs and the iPad Pro
  • September 2018: iPhone XS/XS Max and XR, Apple Watch 4, HomePod
  • September 2017: iPhone X and iPhone 8, Apple Watch 3, Apple TV 4K
  • October 2016: MacBook Pro with Final Cut Pro X, new TV apps for Apple TV, iPhone and iPad
  • September 2016: iPhone 7/7 Plus, Apple Watch 2

Apple October event: iPad 2022

The iPad Air 2022 was previously announced by Apple earlier this year, but the company is probably not done changing up its tablet portfolio. According to reports about the makeover of the iPad 2022, which will have flat edges and a noticeable camera bulge, a new basic model may be in the works.

Upgrades to the iPad may include the A14 Bionic CPU (already seen in the iPhone 12), a bigger body with a higher-resolution display, and USB-C connection.

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Apple October event: iPad Pro 2022

Apple also seems inclined to freshen up its iPad Pro offerings. The biggest rumored change for the iPad Pro 2022 involves the M2 chip that Apple introduced to its laptops in June finding its way to the Pro tablets.

Aside from that, and the unusual rumor of MagSafe wireless charging being added and a new side smart connector, we may not see any otherupdates to the iPad Pro’s basic hardware.

This could indicate that the 11-inch model won’t receive the same mini-LED update as the 12.9-inch model. Apple could release some new software perks to entice consumers to upgrade, but other from that, this tablet might not change significantly from the iPad Pro 2021.

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Apple October event: MacBook Pro 14-inch and 16-inch

A 13-inch MacBook Pro 2022 has already been released, although that model is an upgrade of an old one. These new MacBooks, which are reportedly “deep into development and testing,” are the fantastic 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros that we first saw come in October of last year.

It’s expected that these new notebooks will use Apple M2-derived chipsets, presumably called M2 Pro and M2 Max.

Unfortunately, much like the iPad Pro above, there are no rumored hardware upgrades beyond the new chips. We hope to see some unique software features that makes these new MacBooks worthwhile replacements for the existing MacBook Pros.

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Apple October event: Mac mini M2 and Mac Pro M2

We can’t forget about the rumored update for the Mac Mini 2022, the baby of the Mac family.

The Mac Mini was last updated in 2020, becoming one of Apple’s first M1 Macs. We’ve seen the super-powered Mac Studio since then, but despite rumors of a more powerful mini last year, we’re approaching the two-year mark of no upgrades.

We might not notice any changes outside the Mac mini receiving the new M2 chip (or perhaps chips), much like the other Macs and the iPad Pro. Beyond new features, a Mac mini makeover would be wonderful. It’s had the same appearance for more than 10 years and is unquestionably due for a redesign, much like other Macs have in recent years. It’s annoying to hear that one expert predicts there won’t be a change.

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Apple October event: Mac Pro

If you’re instead looking for a super-powered Mac desktop, Apple is about due to reveal an upgrade to the Mac Pro, the final Mac using Intel CPUs instead of an M-series chip. Rumors have said to expect the new full-sized tower to arrive late this year, with an M2 Ultra chip similar to the M1 Ultra found in the Mac Studio, and a new M2 Extreme chip for the ultimate in Mac power.

Apple October event: Apple TV 2022

You wouldn’t think Apple would have another set-top box ready to go after just announcing a 2021 version of the Apple TV 4K. However, speculation about Apple TV 2022 has continued despite this. This variant would probably have a new processor, additional RAM, and perhaps a more alluring price.

Apple October event: HomePod 2

With all the stuff that Apple makes, it’s sometimes easy to forget about the HomePod, the company’s smart speaker. And yet, the last two years have seen HomePod updates, introducing the HomePod mini in 2020 and then updating it with new colors last year.

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Rumors suggest a HomePod 2 could be in development, with Apple potentially trying its hand once again at a larger smart speaker. (It’s possible that HomePod 2 rumors also refer to a HomePod mini follow-up.) It’s unclear when such a product might be ready, with analysts floating dates ranging from late 2022 to early next year.

Apple October event: Apple VR/AR headset

Rumors have claimed for some time that Apple is preparing to jump into the world of virtual reality in a big way. Its first entry into that field — an Apple VR/AR headset — could be getting closer to launch, though most people familiar with Apple’s reported plans figure that a 2023 release is in the cards.

That doesn’t preclude us from seeing the VR/AR headset earlier, though. Traditionally, Apple has given us plenty of lead time when it enters a new market. The first iPhone debuted at the January 2007 Macworld Expo, but didn’t hit stores until the end of June. Similarly, the Apple Watch got a preview in 2014, but didn’t actually ship until 2015.

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You could see Apple doing something similar with its first VR/AR product — preview the device first before launching it at a later date in order to give developers time to make VR and AR apps for the Apple headset. 

Apple October event: macOS Ventura and iPadOS 16

While not hardware announcements, we anticipate hearing at least a passing mention of iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura during an Apple event in October. Both the latest Mac and iPad software upgrades are about to be released, but possibly Apple will hold off until next month to reveal improved versions of both.

Stage Manager multitasking mode, a dedicated Weather app for the iPad, new Collaboration tools for productivity apps, and the Continuity Camera for Macs that enables the use of your iPhone as a webcam are all new features.

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