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Your Samsung Galaxy S22 can now take even better photos

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The images on your Samsung Galaxy S22 have been upgraded with an improved Expert RAW app and a brand-new Camera Assistant app.

Photographers (and picture enthusiasts) using the Samsung Galaxy S22 Series can now do even more with their images thanks to an Expert RAW update and a new Camera Assistant. Samsung hopes that by combining the two, you’ll be able to make even more professional-looking photographs directly from your phone.

Expert RAW has been updated with two new options: Astrophoto and Multiple exposures. With Astrophoto, you can use AI to enhance night photography and make the stars in the night sky stand out. And Many exposures does exactly what it says it does: it allows you to layer multiple photographs on top of each other to create more artistic and abstract imagery.

Camera Assistant, on the other hand, provides you more control over what you do and do not want additional control over. Many automated camera capabilities can be turned on or off via the app, depending on your preferences and what you believe the photo requires.

Turn off Auto lens switching so you can use whichever lens you wish for a given photo. Stop the Camera app from closing due to idleness. After the photo timer expires, you can have your phone take one, three, five, or seven consecutive photos.

Expert RAW has been updated, and a new Camera Assistant software is now available for Samsung Galaxy S22 Series phones running One UI 5 or later. However, Samsung warns that depending on your region, phone model, and service provider, the rollout may take longer.

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