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What Does Sent as SMS via Server Mean [updated]

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What Does Sent as SMS via Server Mean: Because Android users are receiving the “Sent as SMS Server” text receipt, they are curious as to what this means. Users complained that this notice began to show instead of the normal text without any modifications to the settings. This is a relatively new feature for users. We have thoroughly addressed What Does Sent as SMS via Server Mean and how to stop it in this article.

If you’re wondering why your phone says Sent As SMS Via Server. Let me first explain what Sent As SMS Via Server means. Continue reading to find out how you can fix this.

If you use one of these programmes, you will receive this message receipt. Let’s look at what SMS sent via server signifies.

What Does the Text Receipt “Sent as SMS Server” Mean

What does Android mean by sent as SMS via server? Previously, the standard read receipts were’read, sent, delivered.'” is one of the most frequently asked queries on the internet these days. Because they haven’t altered anything in their Message settings, Android users are eager to learn what transmitted as SMS via server means. In actuality, the change in text receipt occurred with the 2020 RCS (Rich Communication Services) messaging protocol update.

On RCS-enabled smartphones, the message receipt will be labelled Sent As SMS Via Server. This message will appear only if you and/or the individual with whom you exchange messages have RCS-enabled devices. Google released this update in November of 2020. However, it is more noticeable in higher-end Samsung phones.

Rich Communication Services is a messaging system that allows users to access services such as image sharing and group discussions. RCS has established itself as the major messaging platform for Android handsets. When users transmit RCS messages using Android’s messaging app, the new text receipt “sent as SMS vis server” displays. As a result, customers are unable to receive the standard text receipt that has been sent, delivered, or read.

Though the exact cause is unknown, some sources suggest that the “Sent as SMS via the server” text receipt may appear owing to a malfunction on the recipient’s end.

How Do I Stop Sent as SMS via Server? The Weird but Effective Methods

Many Android users are unaware of how to prohibit SMS messages from being delivered over the server. It is straightforward to do in the following methods. We will go over each of these strategies in depth.

1. Enable “Show when Delivered” Option

How can I block SMS messages from being transmitted over the server? To begin, you need enable the “Show when delivered” option in your phone’s Settings. The following are the steps to enable this option.

  • Navigate to your phone’s Messaging app.
  • Go to More Settings from the Settings menu.
  • Now select the first option, text messages.
  • The option “display when delivered” will be available here, which is generally hidden by default.
  • Turn it on to enable it.show when delivered

Then you can send a mail to see if the issue is still present. If the problem reappears, proceed to the next method.

2. Wipe Device’s Cache Partition

Many Android users are curious about what SMS sent via server entails and how to stop this text receiving. The device’s cache sector contains temporary logs, files, and bits from many Android phone applications.

You need not be concerned about your settings, data, or applications because clearing cache will not destroy them. Clearing cache just removes unnecessary garbage files.

  • Turn off your device. Hold down the volume up and home buttons at the same time. Then, hold down the power button on the device.
  • When your device vibrates, let go of the power button, and when the Android logo displays, let go of the other two buttons as well. To navigate the “wipe cache partition,” press the volume down key many times. To pick this option, press the power button.
  • To pick the “yes” option, press the volume down key and then the power key.
  • The screen will display “done” after completing the clean cache partition, which will most likely take twenty seconds.
  • Now, reboot your device to confirm that your issue has been resolved.

3. Enter into Safe Mode

What is sent as SMS via server and how to halt it can be determined in a variety of ways. One significant solution for this issue is to try to use your smartphone in safe mode. It will assist you in determining whether a third-party application is creating this issue.

To carry out this action, follow the steps outlined below:

  • Turn off your phone. When the phone turns on and the logo shows on the screen, press and hold the power button.
  • Then, hit and hold the volume down key.
  • If you followed the steps correctly, safe mode will be shown at the bottom left corner of your screen.
  • .samsung safe mode
  • Your phone will restart in safe mode when you will click on “OK”.

After entering safe mode, you can uninstall any freshly installed apps one by one to determine which app was causing the issue.

4. Repair Operating System via ReiBoot for Android

The text receipt “received as an SMS through server” may potentially be caused by system software difficulties, which ReiBoot for Android may quickly address. ReiBoot for Android is an Android system repair tool that has various capabilities such as clearing the cache of the Android system, dealing with black/blue screens, and resolving issues such as Android app crashing, abrupt battery draining, or phone stuck on the Samsung logo.

It is one of the greatest options for Android and acts as a one-stop solution for all kinds of problems. Follow these instructions to fix your phone’s Android system with ReiBoot for Android.

  • First and foremost, download and install ReiBoot for Android on your PC. After connecting your Android phone to the computer, select “Repair Android System.”repair android system
  • On the computer screen, the option “Repair Now” will display. Tap it to launch the tool and begin fixing the Android phone. You must provide information about your Android, such as its brand, series, and model, as well as any other relevant information.repair android system
  • After selecting the device information, the downloading of the firmware package will start.repair android system
  • When the firmware package is downloaded to your computer, tap on the “Repair Now” option to initiate the system repair.repair android system
  • This process will take nearly ten minutes. Make sure that your phone remains connected to the computer during the whole process.repair android system

Once the repair process is completed, the phone will be ready to use as normal.

What Does RCS Mean?

RCS is an abbreviation for Rich Communication Services. This is a sophisticated protocol that takes the place of the regular message protocol. RCS-enabled devices will allow you to send and receive texts, images, and videos in the same way that other rich communication apps like Whatsapp and iMessage do.

Google introduced RCS to replace regular messaging on applications such as Google and Samsung. With this upgrade, users will be able to use messaging apps in the same way they do RCS apps. Google has introduced this protocol to totally replace the prior protocol. This update isn’t available to everyone. The read receipts have been removed as part of the current update. Many users reported that they could not view the message receipts Sent, Delivered, or Read.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we went over in depth the issue that many Android users have: what does it imply when SMS is transmitted via server, and how to stop it. The top four methods are as follows: enable the “Show when delivered” option, enter safe mode, wipe the device’s cache sector, and use ReiBoot for Android to repair the Android system problem. I hope you find these methods beneficial.

1. What is SMS?

SMS, which stands for Short Message Service, is a method of sending text messages to mobile phones. Because the messages are routed through a server, they can be transmitted from anywhere in the world. SMS communications are typically shorter than regular text messages and can be delivered to numerous recipients at the same time.

2. What is a server?

Sending an SMS through a server means that the server will send the SMS on your behalf. If you need to send a big number of SMS messages or if you need to send them from a computer, this can be beneficial. A server is a computer that makes services available to other computers.

3. What is the difference between SMS and MMS?

SMS is an abbreviation for Short Message Service, which is a text messaging service most commonly used between mobile phones. MMS is an abbreviation for Multimedia Messaging Service, and it is a service used to communicate multimedia content such as photographs, videos, and sound files.

4. How do you send an SMS via a server?

When you send an SMS through a server, the message is routed through a third-party provider rather than directly from your phone. This can be beneficial if you want to send a group SMS or if your phone isn’t transmitting texts. To send an SMS over a server, you must first join up for a service and then follow their message-sending instructions.

5. What are the benefits of sending SMS via a server?

Sending SMS over a server means that the messages are routed through an intermediary, which has a variety of advantages. For example, it can provide you more control over the communications you send, as well as a tool to track and manage them. Furthermore, sending SMS through a server might help to ensure that messages are delivered on time.

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