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What Does It Mean User Not Found On Instagram

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You may have attempted to access someone’s profile using their username and received the User Not Found message. Alternatively, if you have sent someone messages in the past and they are still in your Instagram chat history, you may receive this notification when you attempt to access their profile via Dm.

There are a few reasons why you can’t find a specific user on Instagram, and let’s look at why we get the error message, user not found. It could be because the account was deleted, the account was temporarily disabled, the account was terminated by Instagram, the account holder’s username was changed, you were using an outdated version of Instagram, or you typed the username incorrectly.

The “User Not Found” Message simply occurs because the user that we are trying to search through the Instagram app does not appear. The most common causes behind this error message are:

  1. The account has been deleted 
  2. The account has been temporarily disabled
  3. The account has been terminated by Instagram
  4. The account holder’s username has been modified
  5. You might have typed the username incorrectly
  6. You might be using an outdated version of Instagram
  7. You might have been blocked by the user
  8. This might happen due to a technical error

Let us discuss in brief these causes:

The Account Has Been Deleted 

The person’s account may have been deleted, which is why you are receiving the “user not found” notice. When a user deletes their Instagram profile, all of their posts and comments are also deleted, and the account’s username becomes available for use by other users. As a result, when you try to access the profile pages of deleted accounts, Instagram displays the “user not found” message.

User Not Found

The Account Has Been Temporarily Disabled

It is always possible to deactivate your Instagram account temporarily. This is useful if you want to take a break from social media and return to it later without deleting your account. When you deactivate your account, other users will be unable to find you and will instead see the message “User not found.” As a result, if you can’t find a user, it’s possible that they’re taking a break from Instagram and will return later.

The Account Has Been Terminated By Instagram 

Not everyone chooses to leave Instagram on their own; some are barred from doing so. If a user violates Instagram’s terms of service, such as by abusing other accounts, posting hate speech, or acting inappropriately, their account may be banned immediately. Bans are typically temporary, but they can also be permanent depending on the offence. Attempting to access such profiles will result in a “User not found” message.

The Account Holder’s Username Has Been Modified 

Instagram allows you to easily change your username for a variety of reasons. Some people do it for fun because they have the option. Attempting to access the profile of someone who changed their username could also result in the “user not found” message, whatever the reason for the change was.

You Might Have Typed The Username Incorrectly

Most Instagram users have strange unusual usernames with a combination of characters which may often lead to confusion for people searching for them and mistyping occurs. This leads to a “user not found” message. By requesting the person to type or email you their username or profile link, you may correct this. Or you might look for other accounts that communicate with them and look for the username in their list of followers or accounts they follow.

You Might Be Using An Outdated Version Of Instagram

It is always recommended to update your app as the “user not found” issue on Instagram can also be due to the outdated version of the application. Also, keep in mind that although this is a rare situation, it is worth a shot. Many people have found this strategy to be incredibly helpful.

What Does “User Not Found” Mean On Instagram?

You Might Have Been Blocked By The User 

If none of the above reasons fit the “user not found” message you receive while trying to access a user’s profile, you’ve probably been blocked. It is not always personal to be blocked. People typically block users whose content they don’t want to be viewed. Many famous people also unfollow their followers to stop criticism. The solution to confirm this is to ask a mutual friend of yours to see if they can access the profile of that particular person in order to validate your suspicions. If they are able to see the person’s profile, it is evident that you have been blocked.

This Might Happen Due To A Technical Error

The “User not found” warning might potentially show up if Instagram has a short-term bug. You can try a number of things in addition to waiting it out to try and fix this problem:

  • Exit the app: You can close Instagram, wait a few seconds, and then reload it
  • Restart your phone: If the issue persists, try turning your phone off and back on
  • Check your internet connection: Make sure you have a good internet connection
  • Reinstall the application: Uninstalling and reinstalling the app is an option if none of the previously mentioned fixes were successful


These are the most common causes of the error message, and Instagram does not provide a clear explanation when the “user not found” warning appears. So, before concluding that someone has blocked you on Instagram, it is always a good idea to try the methods listed above and find the exact solution to the problem.

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