To save storage, Android is gaining a brilliant new feature


Here’s how you’ll be able to archive apps on Android in the near future.

If you’ve suffered with onboard storage constraints on the greatest Android phones, Google has a solution for you in the shape of “app archiving.”

The new archived APK file format was introduced on the Android Developers Blog, and it would allow app developers to cut the size of their programmes by as much as 60%. However, this option is now accessible to developers, but users won’t be able to use it until “later this year,” perhaps in conjunction with the release of Android 13.


As a result of archiving an app rather than just removing it, you should be able to quickly reactivate an archived app without having to download any more data. For those programmes that you only use sometimes but can’t rationally discard, this looks like a great solution. Looking through my phone’s rarely-used applications, I can think of a few instances, such as a restaurant menu or travel ticket app.

The site further emphasises that this archiving function does not contain any user data. This may or may not be a good idea, but it at least makes sense to preserve just the information that can be guaranteed by the app’s creator.

Archiving will not be a required feature, according to the blog, which demonstrates to developers how to turn it off. Although some customers may be disappointed, this is an excellent tool for developers who don’t want their programme to be archivable for whatever reason.


Recent Android phones, in contrast to certain earlier and less expensive models, often feature at least 128GB of internal storage. Even with thus many storage options, some users may still have trouble fitting all of their desired programmes, data, images, and so on into their phones. Most programmes still need to be installed in order to operate properly, even if they are stored in the cloud. This new function will be fascinating to watch in action when Google launches it, and how much storage space you can regain on your phone.

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