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Tim Cook Says Apple Hiring Very Deliberately Amid Economic Uncertainty

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Apple CEO Tim Cook said in an interview with CBS Mornings co-host Nate Burleson that his company is adopting a cautious approach to recruiting during this period of greater economic uncertainty. The whole interview will air on Tuesday, but you can watch a peek now.

“As a result of being in this phase, we’re being extremely thoughtful on our hiring,” Cook remarked when questioned about Apple’s employment intentions. “This means that we’re still hiring, but not everywhere in the organisation.” Cook also stated that Apple believes strongly in long-term investing.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple halted hiring for many non-R&D positions last month as a cost-cutting measure. According to the report, the move will have an impact on some “corporate functions” as well as “standard hardware and software engineering roles.”

Cook also spoke about Apple’s return-to-work policy. Corporate employees are now required to work three days per week in the office as of September.

“We manufacture goods, and you have to hold product,” Cook explained. “So that takes the serendipity of running into people, bouncing ideas off of them, and caring enough to advance your idea through somebody else because you know that’ll make it a bigger idea,” he continued.

According to CBS Mornings, the full interview will cover the new features of the iPhone 14 as well as other topics.

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