T-Mobile just became the world’s first carrier to offer this iPhone plan


Moreover, the focus is on small firms.

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To help small businesses succeed, T-Mobile and Apple have partnered up to build the ultimate business strategy.

T-Mobile hopes to do this through the launch of Apple Business Essentials, a new service plan developed in collaboration with the tech giant. You can only get it on T-new Mobile’s iPhone Business Unlimited Ultimate Plus service, which is exclusively available for iPhones. Customers that require six or more lines of service can get Business Unlimited Ultimate Plus for iPhone at a cost of $50 per line (plus applicable taxes and fees).


If you’re looking for the greatest overall phone carrier, T-Mobile is now the fastest in the US. As a result, small business owners will be able to enjoy the best and fastest mobile network in the country in addition to a more simplified IT experience for their mobile phone.

T-Mobile Ultimate Plus for iPhone: What’s included 

Business Unlimited Ultimate Plus for iPhone comes with a slew of benefits for small-business owners. A brand new iPhone 13 is provided with each of the $50-a-month lines, but you’ll have to pay the tax on it. For now, you’re receiving one of Apple’s best phones, though it’s not clear if this will alter when the iPhone 14 launches.

Premium smartphone internet (i.e. 4G or 5G) as well as onboard Wi-Fi on American, Delta, and Alaska Airlines flights are all included with each line. United Airlines is likely to join the initiative in the coming months. “


Additionally, small company owners will receive 200GB of high-speed hotspot access per month, as well as unlimited SMS and data, including 5GB of free high-speed internet per month when traveling abroad to more than 210 different countries.. It’s important to note that the 200GB of hotspot data is shared across all lines in the plan and not allocated per line.

T-Mobile Ultimate Plus for iPhone: Apple Business Essentials 

The iPhone version of Business Unlimited Ultimate Plus has a killer app in Apple Business Essentials. IT administration can be simplified by merging iCloud services and a device management solution into one service plan.

AppleCare Plus for Business Essentials is included as part of the Apple Business Essentials package, which can be purchased separately. Small businesses may now get on-site iPhone repairs and support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


The only phone plan that includes Apple Business Essentials is Business Unlimited Ultimate Plus for iPhone, which has been available as an a la carte option since March. Any small company customer can add Apple Business Essentials to their existing T-Mobile business plan for just $2.99 per line per month, but T-Mobile is giving the a la carte option away for free until the end of 2022 via bill credit (fine print: you’ll still have to pay taxes and fees).

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