Switch to Android iOS app supports Android 12 smartphones


Now you can switch to any Android phone, not just a Pixel, with ease.

What you must understand

  • Earlier this year, Google discreetly released a “Switch to Android” app for iOS.
  • The app was initially only supported by Google’s Pixel smartphones.
  • Google has now added Android 12 devices to the Switch to Android program’s list of supported platforms.

One of the ways some Android OEMs, including Google, recently unveiled its Switch to Android app, allows users to move between devices. Although it was previously only available on Google’s own Pixel phones, the app makes it simple for iPhone owners to switch to an Android phone.


The search engine giant revealed on Wednesday that it will support the Switch to Android app on all handsets running Android 12. This implies that switching to another Android device, be it a Pixel, Samsung, or any other, will be simpler. Since many of the top Android smartphones are available with Android 12 preinstalled, switching to a new smartphone shouldn’t be a problem.

Using the Switch to Android software, moving from iOS and Android is a rather simple process. You simply need to download the app to your iPhone and link the two devices using a cable if you’re an iPhone user. Choose the data you wish to transfer to the new Android device, then watch for it to finish.

Selectable options include contacts, messages, music, particular apps, iPhone photos, and more. Accounts won’t go over, and a transfer request is necessary for iCloud-stored photos.


Google continues by listing the benefits of using Android, including its expanding ecosystem of devices, its renewed emphasis on privacy with tools like the Privacy Dashboard, and the abundance of features added by apps like Google Messages and Gboard that make communicating more enjoyable and personal.

Of course, Apple also offers its own Move to iOS software on Android that helps speed the process and now permits users to transfer WhatsApp chat history between devices if you’re thinking about making the transition to an iPhone.


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