Surprise watchOS 9 upgrade could the best thing about Apple Watch 8

Apple is said to be working on a low-power option for its future smartwatch.

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It’s time to check out the new Apple Watch features now that the watchOS 9 public beta is available for everyone to try out.

Some of the most notable new features in watchOS 9 include a diverse assortment of watchOS 9 faces, improved fitness tracking stats, more comprehensive sleep monitoring capabilities, and a fantastic shift in how alerts are delivered.


It’s possible that further watchOS 9 improvements are in the works, as we witnessed with the release of Apple Watch Series 7.

When I say unique features, I’m referring to the QWERTY keyboard and two custom watch faces that take use of the bigger Apple Watch 7 sizes that are only available in watchOS 8 on Apple’s newest smartwatch. Despite the fact that watchOS 8 is compatible with the Apple Watch Series 3 and earlier, several functions were reserved exclusively for the most recent model.

Perhaps Apple will follow suit with watchOS 9 on the next Apple Watch Series 8. Despite the fact that watchOS 9 tells us a lot about the Apple Watch 8, there is speculation of a hardware-exclusive feature coming to watchOS 9 soon.


In an interview with Mark Gurman, a source claims that Apple is developing a low-power mode for the Apple Watch, which is expected to be available by watchOS 9 at the earliest. However, it will only be available for Apple’s most recent wristwatch, implying that the Apple Watch 8 may have some battery management features built in.

Apple Watch Series 8 low power mode — how it could work

A new chipset, believed to be named the S8, is likely to include new battery management options. Between the Apple Watch 7 and the Apple Watch 6, the processor didn’t change much, but processing emerged as a fundamental method to make the finest wristwatch even better.

It’s also feasible that Apple Watch Series 8 will include a low power mode enabled through tweaks to the display, GPS, or even the battery cell itself. The low power mode on the iPhone seems to be able to prolong battery life on the Apple Watch. Consider restricting alerts, health sensors, and display brightness.


It’s possible that these changes will extend the life of the Apple Watch by more than the 18 hours it is certified to last.

According to Gurman’s claims, low power mode will only be available on the Series 8 of the Apple Watches that are compatible with watchOS 9. When comparing the Apple Watch Series 8 to the Apple Watch Series 7, this may be a significant advantage.

A reduced power option for the expected Apple Watch 8 Pro is also believed to arrive with watchOS 9. Low power mode would simply improve the battery life of this “rugged” model, which was already expected to have a longer life.


If the Apple Watch 8 Pro is marketed as an alternative to the finest Gamin watches for outdoor activities (with the price tag and materials to match), then battery management might be crucial. A smartwatch that can keep up with your active lifestyle is a must while you’re out adventuring.

There’s speculation that the third predicted Apple Watch for 2022, the Apple Watch SE 2, may take designs from previous models. As a result, the low power mode is unlikely to be enabled.

Note that this feature may never be implemented at all. That said, if it isn’t a low power mode, we may expect a new watchOS 9 feature to be released exclusively for the Series 8 experience.




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