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Top 15 Snapchat Story Games You Must Try

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Snapchat Story Games: Despite the fact that Snapchat has a dedicated game library full of fascinating games, playing games through your Snapchat story never goes out of style. If you’re looking for ideas for your next Snapchat story game, check out our list of the top Snapchat story games that you can play with other Snapchat users. These games can help you build your relationship with your partner, learn new secrets about your friends, or learn new things about that long-distance Snap pal of yours.

Are you curious about the kind of games available for your Snapchat story? If so, check out this list of the best games. You’re going to uncover your buddies’ secrets shortly! Continue reading to learn more.

Best Snapchat Story Games (2022)

Before we begin, it’s worth noting that several of the tale games included here are best suited for your closest pals That being stated, have a look at the finest Snapchat story games mentioned below.

Snapchat is a popular programme that everyone uses. On the site, you may make Snapstreaks, use polls, and do a variety of other fascinating things. In the Snapchat story, you can share your regular activities. Try out a new activity and keep connected with your pals or other Snapchatters to spice up your stories.

1. Name a Song That

Best Snapchat Story Games

Almost everyone enjoys listening to music, but what distinguishes the experience is the individual’s taste and preferences. Do you want to know what your friends are listening to? To discover out, play the “Name a Song That” Snapchat story game. This one, created by Glamm Templates, is wonderful for learning about your friends’ music tastes. You simply have to play a Name a Song That game on the Snapchat story and reveal the music preferences of your Snapchat friends.

2. Never Have I Ever

Best Snapchat Story Games

Never Have I Ever is a traditional drinking game in which players take turns answering questions about activities they’ve never done. Drinking games are entertaining and can be played in real life. To play the game, you must sip a drink after completing some activity. For example, I’ve never failed a test. If you have never failed a test, you must take a sip of water and proceed to the next round of questions. Give it a shot on a Snapchat story. You can play with your Snapchat pals or with strangers. You might be considered cheating by not drinking… No! Don’t ruin the fun…lol. While playing this game in real life is enjoyable, playing it on Instagram or Snapchat stories may be equally interesting and engaging. However, you should play this with your close buddies using Snapchat private stories.

3. This or That

Best Snapchat Story Games

Selecting one of the finest Snapchat story games is a fantastic idea. Play the This or That Snapchat Story game if you want to learn about your friends’ tastes and preferences. This or That is a simple icebreaker for getting to know your new pals better. You have a basic set of alternatives here, and your friend must choose what they prefer. As you might have anticipated, the responses to these prompts have the potential to create new dialogues, making it an entertaining Snapchat story game. If you have other ideas, you can easily incorporate them into the image or reproduce the format using any photo editing tool. Simply share the game on your story and ask your friends if they prefer Netflix or YouTube, phone calls or text messages, Amazon or eBay, laptop or tablet, and so on. This is the most fascinating game for your Snapchat story.

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4. Post

Best Snapchat Story Games

The phrase Post implies that you must post something. If we’re talking about the most entertaining game on Snapchat, the Post Snapchat story is the best. Post is a Snapchat story game in which you ask your Snapchat friends to post photographs or videos of what you want to see. You can either utilise the following template or draw inspiration from it and design your own using Snapchat’s story creation interface. However, your friend may want you to respond to your version of these prompts as well, so be prepared.Simply frame a Post question on the Story, such as “Post your home screen,” “Post your favourite group image,” “Post three girls you trust,” and so on. You can use the Post Snapchat Story game template or design your own and share it on Snapchat.

5. Random Questions

Best Snapchat Story Games

Have you ever considered disclosing your friend’s secrets? If you are hesitant to inquire in person, why not try it on a virtual platform? Snapchat story games can assist you in asking random questions to your Snapchat pals. Have you run out of topics to talk about with your friends? Try out this game of random questions. It consists of ten questions, some of which are familiar, while others can help you obtain insight into your friend’s nature. If that’s what you’re looking for, your quest is over. Questions at Random The Snapchat story game includes ten questions, such as “Who was your first celebrity crush?” What do you want to be in ten years? How many languages are you fluent in? ….as well as many others.

6. Yes, No, Maybe

Best Snapchat Story Games

Do you want to know what your friends think of you? If this is the case, then play the Yes, No, and Maybe game with your buddies. Yes, No, Maybe is a fun Snapchat Story game in which viewers answer the provided questions with yes, no, or maybe. What I enjoy about this game is that it doesn’t require much thought to answer. In the process, you might learn some interesting facts about your Snapchat buddies. Simply submit a game to your story and ask questions like “Would I date you?” What irritated me? What made me laugh? Do you have any feelings? Hangout? Ask your pals these questions and uncover all the secrets.

7. How Would You Describe Me to a Stranger?

Best Snapchat Story Games

It’s intriguing to see how different people perceive the same person in different ways. What you consider as a positive feature may be seen negatively by others. Do you want to know what your friends think of you? Then ask yourself, “How would you describe me to a stranger?” This game is fantastic for playing on a Snapchat story. Perhaps someone will describe you as rude or kind-hearted, and so forth. This game will show you how your Snapchat buddies see you. Keep in mind that perception differs from person to person. You can play the “How Would You Describe Me to a Stranger?” game on your Snapchat Story to learn more about how your friends see you.

8. GIF Challenge

Best Snapchat Story Games

Are you a big admirer of animated GIFs? If so, you can participate in the Snapchat GIF challenge. Simply use the template above to fill the circles with relevant GIFs. Everyone enjoys sending GIFs to their pals via various social media platforms. GIFs are a new way for you to talk for yourself in a matter of seconds. What about playing Snapchat’s GIF Challenge game? Isn’t it great? Simply place a GIF template on the narrative and invite your friends to fill in the specifics in the GIF circle. After that, you can share the blank template or even nominate your friends to take part in the challenge.

9. Send Me 2 Names

Best Snapchat Story Games

This one could get a little heated, but it’s also rather entertaining. You can enter two people in the versus column and ask your circle of friends to check the boxes. Send Me 2 Names is one of the best Snapchat story games available on the platform. Simply ask your Snapchat pals to offer you two names, and then enter the names into the Send Me 2 Names form. For example, enter John vs. Daniel and have your friends check the boxes next to the various titles you wish to give John and Daniel. You may say that this one belongs to your private Snapchat stories because it involves a few sensitive questions.

10. Kiss, Kill, Marry

Best Snapchat Story Games

Kiss, Kill, and Marry is one of the top Snapchat story games. If you want to express your feelings towards pals, simply ask them for three names to fill in the options of Kiss, Kill, and Marry. In this game, you request three names from your buddies. Once they’ve done that, you can add their names to the kiss, murder, or marry categories based on your feelings for them. Prepare to confront the person you’d rather kill. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. This game is a lot of fun, and you’ll be surprised at who you want to kill. When you meet in person, you must be prepared to answer their inquiries… LOL

11. Quarantine Bingo

Quarantine Bingo - Best Snapchat Story Games
Image: Keiko Lynn

Because the pandemic shows no signs of abating anytime soon, most of us are staying indoors to limit the virus’s spread. Why not play the quarantine edition of Bingo with your friends while you’re at it? It is a quick and fun method to find out what your friends are up to during the quarantine period, as it is filled with popular activities throughout the quarantine period.

12. On My Phone

On My Phone
Image: Glamm Templates via Pinterest

You’ve probably seen YouTubers and influencers’ “What’s on my phone” videos, but have you ever pondered what apps your pals are using? That is where this game comes in. You can use the Snapchat story game “On my phone” to ask them questions ranging from their favourite app to the last text they sent. This game should be enjoyable with the appropriate individuals.

13. Habits Questions

Habits Questions - Best Snapchat Story Games
Image: Yaystorybingos

Have unusually specific questions you’d rather ask on r/TooAfraidToAsk? It is now your turn to shine. You can use the Habit Questions Snapchat Story game to ask questions that most people view as trivial. Maybe you’ll even figure out how to do the chores you’ve been doing incorrectly all along.

14. Things I Have Done

Things I've Done
Image: StoryTemps

You will eventually miss old friends’ birthday celebrations and major life milestones as the years pass. If you want to keep up with your Snapchat buddies without having that awkward talk, the “Things I Have Done” game is ideal. Post it to your Snapchat story, wait for your friends to respond, and then continue the conversation.

15. Tomorrow’s Mood

Tomorrow's Mood - Best Snapchat Story Games
Image: StoryTemps

To round out the lineup, there’s “Tomorrow’s Mood,” a basic word search game that predicts your mood for the following day. While I am not a fan of this type of game, other people enjoy it and accept it for what it is worth. If you’re one of them, go ahead and publish this on your Snapchat story for your friends to guess.

Try these Snapchat Story Games with Your Crush

This article focused on the top Snapchat Story games. Play each of these games with your pals and uncover all of the secrets. So we’ve reached the end of our list of the best Snapchat story games. If you want to play other Snapchat games, don’t forget to check out our greatest Snapchat games list. Which of these tale games do you think you’d prefer to play with your friends? Please let us know in the comments section below. Also, if you have any other Story games that you think we should include in our roundup, please leave a comment and share them with our readers. When you start playing these games, please provide your thoughts in the comments area.

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