Snapchat Plus is a new subscription tier with exclusive features


A premium subscription service is unveiled by the instant messaging platform.

What you must understand

  • The messaging app now offers a new subscription service called Snapchat+.
  • It adds a few unique and untested features to the social media app.
  • Since advertisements are the foundation of Snapchat’s business, they will still be included in the subscription service.
  • The monthly fee for the premium tier is $3.99.

After launching Snapchat eleven years ago, the business recently unveiled Snapchat+, a new subscription service for the application.


The new tier will be introduced at launch in a few countries, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and France, to name a few, and will start at $3.99 per month. According to a blog post by Snap, the business intends to gradually roll out its most recent subscription service in additional areas.

Users of Snapchat+ can test out and enjoy a variety of unique, unreleased, and experimental features. The new premium tier also provides individuals in need with priority customer help.

The SVP of Product for Snapchat, Jacob Andreou, discussed the new subscription service in more depth with The Verge. The Plus tier appears to be the business’s first effort to make money without using advertising. Andreou has pointed out that the subscription does not make the commercials disappear, as Snapchat depends heavily on its advertising revenue.


The option to modify the app’s icon and even view the individuals who rewatched your narrative are two additional capabilities that users may anticipate. A “#1 BFF” can also be pinned by users to their discussion history.

Snapchat is not the first social media network to introduce a similar subscription service. In 2021, Twitter Blue was introduced, providing users early access to a number of experimental features. A brand-new premium subscription service from Telegram performs essentially the same functions.

Snapchat is enthused about the new service and claims it is receptive to consumers’ comments on the Snapchat+ subscription model. The network has over 332 million active users worldwide.


By clicking the Snapchat+ icon that displays on your profile, you can get started.

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