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Samsung’s ‘Maintenance Mode’ Can Protect Phone Data While Repairs

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Following a “successful trial run” in both Korea and China, Samsung has begun a public distribution of its new Maintenance Mode security feature.

Samsung’s new Maintenance Mode will be available shortly on select Galaxy devices, providing enhanced protection for your personal information and details (provided you turn it on). Maintenance Mode, unlike iOS 16’s Lockdown Mode, does not protect against hackers. Instead, it protects your data from anyone who has physical access to your phone.

Turning on Maintenance Mode disables access to your files, information, and programmes (but not the pre-installed apps) while enabling general use. It’s a safer way to send your phone in for repair, according to Samsung, because it prevents anyone working on it from snooping into details, reading sensitive images, or installing harmful software. Any apps, data, or accounts installed or created while Maintenance Mode is active will be automatically destroyed when it is turned off.

When Maintenance Mode reaches your device, you can enable it via Settings. After rebooting your phone, all sensitive data will be blocked until you set Maintenance Mode off again.

Though, just in case, Samsung recommends backing up crucial personal information before using it.

image credits: Samsung

The global Maintenance Mode rollout begins today and will last until 2023. The Galaxy S21 and S22 series with One UI 5 or newer will be available first, followed by other unspecified Samsung Galaxy smartphones throughout the next year.

The date of the deployment will most likely vary depending on your region, phone model, and service provider, according to Samsung.

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