Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 price leak is sad news


If this Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 leak turns out to be accurate, it could be a setback for foldable phones.

The cost of one of the best foldable phones is a major deterrent for many people. There’s no sign of that changing when it comes to the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4.

According to leaker Sudhanshu Ambhore(opens in new tab), who has a good track record of providing reliable information, Samsung’s upcoming Flip phone will be more expensive than the previous model.


Galaxy Z Flip 4 is expected to cost €1,080 for the 128GB model, €1,160 for the 256GB model, and €1,280 for the 512GB flip phone in the European Union (EU). Starting at €1,049, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is significantly more expensive. Because of European taxes, the exact dollar price of the best Flip 4 would be $1,097 rather than $999. This would indicate that the best Flip 4 could cost $1,097 instead of $999.

Despite the fact that this would only be a modest increase in cost — the iPhone 14 Pro is expected to cost $100 more than the iPhone 13 model — the price is still heading in the wrong direction. If we want foldable phones to become more than a niche product, we need them to be less than $1,000. So far, I’ve only seen one person using a foldable phone in the wild.

Ambhore doesn’t explain why such an increase in price is possible. With supply chain and component issues still prevalent, that could lead to higher prices and thus more expensive end products, according to various reports.


However, Samsung CEO TM Roh’s claim that “the mainstream moment for foldable smartphones is here” would appear to contradict this price increase for the Galaxy Z Flip 4. It’s based on the fact that the industry has shipped nearly 10 million foldable phones around the world. However, Samsung’s foldables pale in comparison to the iPhone 13 and the 85.5 million units it reportedly shipped in the fourth quarter of 2021.

As a result, I believe that if smartphone makers want to see more foldables in the hands of consumers, they must lower the price of such devices.

That aside, you may be wondering what the Galaxy Z Flip 4 will bring to the table to warrant this alleged price hike over the previous generation. The new Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Plus chip is expected to provide it a performance and efficiency boost, as well as a larger external display, a slimmer hinge, and a few camera improvements. So far, the speculations point to a refinement of the Flip 3 rather than a radical redesign by Samsung.


Samsung is expected to offer a 128GB variant as the entry-level configuration for the Galaxy Z Fold 4, making it the foldable to see a price cut. Storage on the Galaxy Z Fold 3 began at 256GB. Although we haven’t seen any definite price rumors regarding the higher-end foldable..

If the Galaxy Z Flip 4 is worth your consideration and the price increase is legitimate and reasonable, we won’t know for sure until Samsung’s Unpacked event on August 10th.


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