Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro 2 — Every rumors so far

There may be a Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro 2 shortly. This is what we do know.

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The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro 2 may be the company’s next wireless audio product, adding to a portfolio of earbuds that often double as top-notch Samsung smartphone accessories.

Although there haven’t been many Galaxy Buds Pro 2 speculations, a few indications indicate that the successor to the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is in development for an impending release. They may possibly appear at the anticipated August 2022 Samsung Unpacked presentation with new foldables and smartwatches.


The question remains, however, what may offer Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro 2 a chance to compete with the expected AirPods Pro 2 or the Google Pixel Buds Pro, which will also be arriving this summer. Recall that the original Galaxy Buds Pro had been Samsung’s finest wireless earbuds up until that point, offering an affordable waterproof construction and enhanced noise-cancellation.

Here is all we currently know about the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro 2, including rumored release dates, prices, and other details like design and battery life.

Another future Samsung wearable has been approved by the FCC. This week saw the Galaxy Watch 5 series visit the regulatory body; today, our focus is on wireless earbuds rather than smartwatches.


This year, Samsung may offer a few earbud versions, one of which should be known as the Galaxy Buds Pro 2. Model number SM-R510 is what the Buds 2 earbuds are supposed to have, and we found that identification in a recent FCC filing.

The successor to the popular Galaxy Buds Pro is now one step closer to release with the FCC’s approval, but only time will tell whether these new earbuds will appear on stage with the Galaxy Z Fold 4, Z Flip 4, and Galaxy Watch 5 series on the rumored August 10 reveal date.

Although there have been reports that Samsung may have delayed the release of the Galaxy Buds Pro 2 by a few days, no official date has been announced. Additionally, the Galaxy Buds Pro 2 charging case ought to feature a bigger battery, per past discoveries.


We’ll have to wait and see whether Samsung will tackle the wireless earbuds industry with a two-pronged strategy since specifics on the potential follow-up to the distinctively designed Buds Live are few.

Release date for the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro 2

The Samsung Galaxy Buds 2, the newest version of the Galaxy Buds, were released in August 2021. Strangely, not too long earlier, in January 2021, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro were released. But it seems Samsung is delaying the release of new hardware as we didn’t get any new earphones along with the Samsung Galaxy S22 series this year.

The following Galaxy Buds Pro might be unveiled with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, Galaxy Z Flip 4, and Galaxy Watch 5. Since Samsung usually hosts an event in August, it seems plausible that the Buds Pro would be unveiled among other goods. In addition, Max Jambor, who goes by the Twitter handle @MaxJmb (opens in new tab), reported in June that the alleged earbuds were in production.


Here is what we currently know about a Samsung Unpacked event in August 2022.

Possible cost of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro 2

The cost of Samsung’s earphones has always felt fair. The starting price for Samsung’s most expensive earphones, the Galaxy Buds Pro, was $199. The Galaxy Buds 2 are priced one rung lower at $149, however you may often get all Samsung earbud models on sale for less.

We’ll assume Samsung will keep the second-generation Galaxy Buds Pro at the same pricing as the first-generation device. This would maintain a noticeable distance between the various Galaxy Buds models.


Design of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro 2

With a slightly wider form and new color choices, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro design seemed to be rather comparable to the original Galaxy Buds. The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are roughly bean-shaped, whereas the Galaxy Buds 2 are smaller.

Samsung will probably make some design adjustments for the Galaxy Buds Pro 2; they could be smaller than the original Pro models but not nearly as compact as the Galaxy Buds 2.

We should at least have some color options, it seems. The Galaxy Buds Pro 2 will reportedly be available in three colors: Zenith White, Zenith Bora Purple, and Zenith Graphite, according to a leaker (@ snoopytech (opens in new tab)).


Battery life of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro 2

When high volume, streaming, and listening modes are taken into consideration, the Galaxy Buds Pro’s battery life averages out to roughly 4 to 4.5 hours, which is less than Samsung’s rating of 5 hours with ANC on. The case increased the ANC listening by an extra 18 hours.

We really hope that Samsung will enhance the Galaxy Buds Pro 2’s battery life. Why? Because the battery life of the Google Pixel Buds Pro is predicted to surpass that of the top noise-canceling earphones. Google rates the Pixel Buds Pro for up to 11 hours of earbud listening time with Active Noise Cancellation off, and 31 hours overall with the charging case. With ANC enabled, that figure decreases, but it should still be a strong selling point for Google’s future earbuds.

outlook for the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro 2

Although Samsung’s wireless earbuds are often excellent, they are not always as amazing as AirPods, Bose, or even Sony or Bose earbuds are frequently. Even though the Galaxy Buds don’t have the highest audio quality in their class, their reasonable price makes them appealing.


There will be fierce competition from new competitors like the AirPods Pro 2 and Google Pixel Buds. However, if the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro 2 get a general boost, they’ll be a thrilling pair of earbuds.



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