Samsung and Starbucks collaborate on Galaxy coffee cases


These Galaxy cases won’t be present in the place where Starbucks first opened.

(Image credit: Starbucks Korea)

What you need to know

  • For Galaxy devices, Samsung has released a line of accessories with a Starbucks motif.
  • A coffee mug-shaped cover for the Galaxy Buds and other cases for the Galaxy S22 series are part of the new cooperation.
  • The partnership seems to be just temporarily accessible in South Korea.

Strange partnerships are nothing new for Samsung, and this latest one is no exception. For those of you who truly want to show off your passion for the coffee firm, the company is releasing a line of Starbucks covers for the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy Buds.

The collection comprises particular Galaxy S22 series cases. For instance, the regular Galaxy S22 comes with a bright green cover that features the Starbucks logo on the rear. However, the Plus model has a casing that is a deeper shade of green and says, “Count stars in your Galaxy,” which is a reference to Starbucks’ loyalty program. Last but not least, the Ultra model will include straps in two distinct styles, one of which is modeled after a Starbucks receipt.


The Starbucks emblem is prominently displayed on the basic, dark green casing that houses the Galaxy Buds. More intriguingly, there’s also a mug-shaped cover with latte art that will suit the majority of Samsung’s top wireless earbuds.

The partnership makes us think of Samsung’s previous Galaxy Z Flip 3 Pokémon Edition, which debuted in April and had a fantastic Pokéball-shaped grip and Pokédex phone holder. To be honest, it looks like South Korea is the only country where you can buy any of these stylish Starbucks cases, much like with the other cooperation. I, for one, am really unhappy because I reside in Seattle, the city where Starbucks was first established.

Of course, the things go on sale on Tuesday if you happen to be in Korea. Just be careful not to mix up your coffee mug with the cover for your Galaxy Buds.


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