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10 Ways to Fix It When Your S Pen Is Not Working

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As the Samsung Galaxy Note models advance, more problems arise with the S Pen, a special stylus integrated into Galaxy Note devices. The S Pen is prone to breakage and malfunction. Here are some common problems with S Pens on Galaxy Note phones, as well as how to troubleshoot them.

Note: These troubleshooting tips are for the S Pen on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, 9, 8, and previous versions.

Causes of Samsung Galaxy Note S Pen Failure

Many factors can cause the S Pen to malfunction. Unofficial third-party cases or screen protectors, for example, may have an effect on how the stylus works. Sometimes accessories manufactured without regard for Samsung’s quality standards fail to perform as expected.

It’s also possible that the S Pen is getting old and the stylus tip has wear and tear. This occurs when the S Pen is frequently used. Furthermore, system bugs on Galaxy Note devices can impair S Pen functionality.

Here’s How to Fix a Galaxy Note S Pen That’s Not Working

If your S Pen is not working properly, try each of these troubleshooting steps in the order listed until your S Pen works properly again.

  1. Restart the device. Sometimes a simple reboot is all that is required to resolve a problem.
  2. Take off any third-party covers or cases. Metals and magnets in many third-party protective cases interfere with the connection between a Galaxy Note smartphone and its S Pen. When drawing with the stylus, this can result in blank spots on the screen.
  3. Screen protectors should be removed. Some screen protectors may be too thick to properly detect the Galaxy Note S Pen. These protectors may also be sensitive to hard, rubbery, or uneven surfaces, which may affect how the S Pen drags across the screen.
  4. Examine for a software update. Consult the documentation for instructions specific to your wireless provider, software version, or phone model. After updating your Galaxy Note device, restart it before attempting to use the S Pen.
  5. Restore the S Pen. The S pen may have become separated from your device. It is a simple fix to reconnect it.
  6. Restart your phone in Safe Mode. This is a minimal way to boot the phone without apps or other extras getting in the way, similar to Safe Mode on a Windows PC. It will assist you in ruling out a low-level issue and determining what is causing the issue. Try the S Pen again after restarting your device in Safe Mode.
  7. Change the S Pen tip. If the Galaxy Note device is unable to register its S Pen or if pen strokes are inconsistent, a new S Pen tip may be required. Every Galaxy Note device comes with five replacement tips and a S Pen tip remover tool from Samsung. It is simple to replace the tip.
  8. Reset the Galaxy Note to its factory settings. This procedure resets the phone to factory settings. To be safe, reset the S Pen by pressing the Reset button.
  9. Important: Back up your smartphone’s data before performing a reset to avoid losing important information.
  10. S Pen should be replaced. Sometimes the pen is to blame. S Pen replacements are available from Samsung, and S Pens can also be found on websites such as Amazon. Make sure to purchase the correct S Pen for your Galaxy Note model.
  11. Contact Samsung’s customer service department. If none of these methods work, contact Samsung to discuss your repair options. Samsung provides walk-in, mail-in, and in-home service options.

Samsung Support: How to troubleshoot your S Pen


How do I make use of my S Pen?

If your S Pen is still connected to your Samsung device, press down on the end to release it (you should feel your device vibrate). If the S Pen isn’t attached, place it over the screen of your device and press the S Pen button on its end twice.

How do I locate my S Pen if I misplace it?

Select Device from the SmartThings app on your device, then select your S Pen from the device list. When you select Find Device, the app will display a map to help you locate the S Pen.

How do I pair my S Pen with my Galaxy Z Fold3?

Hold the S Pen close to your Z Fold3, then press and hold the pairing button on the S Pen for three seconds, or until a pop-up recognising the accessory appears on the screen. To accept the connection, click Connect.

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