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PS5 and Sony TV users got a major update for TV today


The most recent Sony TV software update improves contrast for VRR gaming.

A little PSA is in order: if you have a Sony TV from the past two years, you might want to check for an update today. The most recent software update from Sony affects the Sony X90J, X95J, and Z9J starting in 2021 as well as the brand-new X90K, X95K, and Z9K starting in 2022. It’s a huge upgrade, particularly if you own a PS5.

The issue that the software update seeks to address is the inability of Sony TVs when connected to a PS5 to enable local dimming of the backlight when VRR was on. When compared to the TV’s other modes, that resulted in a considerable decline in HDR performance.


The patch has been in development for a while, and it was discovered by Vincent Teoh of hdtvtest, who asked readers to share their experiences with it on Twitter.

A Sony OLED or one of the more affordable Sony X85J/X85K models, however, won’t be affected by the update because they make use of a different display technology or processor than the X90J and X95J models from a year ago.

Here’s why you want VRR

With variable refresh rate, screen tearing can be avoided by synchronizing the console’s frame rate with the television’s refresh rate. Games will appear noticeably smoother at greater refresh rates, which is one of the key selling features for the new gaming systems.


Since April of this year, when Sony officially enabled VRR on their TVs, you’ve had to sacrifice visual performance with VRR. This terrible predicament has pushed gamers between a rock and a hard place.

Thankfully, Sony realized the error of its ways and intends to provide its next line of gaming monitors, the Inzone M9, featuring G-Sync and VRR compatibility from the start. That makes it “excellent for PC and PS5 games,” according to our review.

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