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PS VR2 dev kit tipped, new launch title hinted


A brief examination of the PS VR2 and its controllers in the real world.

What you must understand

  • On Twitter, a well-known VR developer shared a picture of a PlayStation VR2 development kit.
  • In the picture, a chair is occupied by the PS VR2 headgear, both controllers, and connector cable.
  • The PS VR2 version of Ultrawings 2 has been announced, and it may be released alongside the PS VR2.

The creators of Ultrawings 2 posted a picture of their PlayStation VR2 development kit on Twitter, showing the headgear, both controllers, and the lengthy connection connecting the PS VR2 headset with the PS5. This is probably a “oops” moment.


The image above, which Android Central archived soon after the post was made, may still be seen even if the original post has since been removed. The PS VR2(opens in new tab) headgear and controllers are shown in this image for the first time in person, and it also provides us an indication of how long the headset’s cable will be. The PS VR2 and PS5 systems have yet to receive an official release date, and they are currently difficult to obtain (opens in new tab).

Given that the PS VR2 is a wired headset, it’s critical that the cable be kept long—likely 15 feet or more, based on existing wired VR headsets that allow roomscale movement—to provide players adequate room to move around their rooms without restriction while wearing the headset.

In the open-world, made-for-VR adventure that is Ultrawings 2, players can pilot various planes, earn money by performing missions, and unlock new aircraft and islands. The PS VR2’s sophisticated controls will undoubtedly be used for some spectacular feedback for each aircraft, providing players an even better sense of immersion in each cockpit, even though the long cord isn’t crucial for this particular game.


The initial Twitter tweet claimed that the photograph was permissible for public posting under NDA standards, however it was later removed without explanation. It’s possible that this was an error, but it does confirm that Ultrawings 2 will eventually be released for the PS VR2. It’s probable that Ultrawings 2’s creator, Bit Planet Games, may have it ready for the PS VR2’s launch window given that it’s already available on the Oculus Quest 2(opens in new tab) and PC VR platforms.

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