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Officially, Sprint’s network has been taken down


A T-Mobile spokesperson verified to The Verge that Sprint’s remaining LTE towers have began their official shutdowns. T-acquisition Mobile’s of Sprint, which included its network, stores, assets, spectrum, towers, and users, went through April 2020, more than two years ago.

With Sprint’s wireless spectrum decommissioned by T-Mobile, the company is accelerating the expansion and coverage of its countrywide 5G network. As of Q1 ’22 (Source), T-Mobile has 109 million members, up from its pre-merger subscriber base of 66.7 million. Launch its 5G home internet service in rural areas of the United States (Verizon has the most subscribers: 143 million in Q1 22 [Source]).

Regulators and critics opposed the merger for anti-competitive policies that could harm consumers and put jobs and businesses at risk. T-Mobile faced many barriers and criticism” (third-party dealers).


Sprint has a special place in my heart. It’s been a long time since the days of push-to-talk and a greater selection of phones in the showrooms when CDMA 3G download rates were a blistering fast 2.7Mbps. Sprint’s demise can’t be attributed to a single event in its history because of so many variables.

Sprint, thank you for the memories.


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