Nothing Phone (1) mid-ranger might challenge Pixel 6a


The Nothing Phone (1) might be a fascinating phone if it had a Snapdragon 778G+.

(Image credit: Marques Brownlee)

Even if the final July 12 reveal is still a few weeks away, Nothing has confirmed one of the Phone (1)’s important specifications. The chipset, a customized mid-range Snapdragon, is now known. Other specifications have also surfaced.

Carl Pei, the creator of Nothing, stated that the Phone (1) will employ a customized Snapdragon 778G+, an improved version of the 778G from 2021, in an interview with Input(opens in new tab). In other words, contrary to what some people previously believed, the Phone (1) is a mid-range device. Given that a full flagship costs substantially more for a small business like Nothing, this actually makes a lot of sense.


It is astonishing in and of itself that Qualcomm created a customized version of the Snapdragon 778G+ for Nothing. Since Nothing hasn’t yet proven itself in the smartphone industry, we speculate that Pei’s reputation had a role in the company securing this agreement. But what is so unique about this additional version? It boils down to wireless and reverse wireless charging, says input.

So why choose a mid-range product? Making the Phone (1) power-efficient while maintaining appropriate performance was the key, according to Pei, who believes that flagship CPUs offer diminishing benefits. The expense adds to the complexity of this balance. In other words, the Snapdragon 778G+ aids Nothing in maintaining low expenses and a low price.

There is no evidence to support the assertion that the Snapdragon 778G+ is thermally more efficient than chips like the Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 and Snapdragon 7 Gen 1. All things considered, we believe selecting a mid-range processor is a wise choice. It supports Pei’s assertion that specifications can only be meaningful for so long, which he tried to demonstrate with the OnePlus Nord series while he was still employed there.


Just before this confirmation, additional Nothing Phone (1) specifications surfaced. The Phone (1) is rumored to contain a 4.500 mAh battery, an 8GB RAM, a 6.55-inch 120Hz display, and 45W charging. The front camera should be 16MP, and the rear cameras are allegedly 50MP and 16MP, with the latter likely being an ultrawide.

On July 12, nothing will completely expose the Phone (1), so pay attention.


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