Nothing ear (1) TWS earbuds are getting updated


Nothing will ultimately fully announce the phone on July 12 (1), but it appears that other products may also receive stage time at that event. Mukul Sharma, a prolific leaker, has discovered a photo of some Nothing ear (1) TWS earbuds that resemble the current model almost exactly but not exactly.

Given that it has been about a year after the release of the ear (1), these appear to be a small refresh. Stick ear (1) marking has taken the role of Nothing ear (1) branding on the stems of the new buds. Additionally, there are now two dots at the bottom rather than just one.

But the casing is altogether different, and it really does resemble a stick. So perhaps that is what the new name is alluding to. We presume this will be a small update to the earphones as there are no other visible visual changes; they may even be identical to the originals with the exception of the cover. Hopefully, everything will be clarified during the function on July 12.


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