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New Samsung Galaxy S22 update may turn off Performance throttling


You can now get the most out of your phone thanks to a new update.

Owners of the Samsung Galaxy S22 will be relieved to learn that the performance-throttling debate is almost ended. New reports from Korean users (via XDA) indicate that they may now bypass performance-throttling restrictions, precisely like Samsung had promised.

Exactly when this update will be available in the United States and other countries is unknown. Samsung, on the other hand, has a good track record when it comes to updating its products outside of South Korea. As a result, you shouldn’t have to wait long to use your phone’s full potential.


A “Game Performance Management Mode” has been added to the Samsung Galaxy S22’s Game Booster. Throttling may be bypassed in this mode, allowing the phone to operate at peak efficiency at all times. On the other hand, you’ll lose battery life and increase your device’s temperature as a consequence.

Earlier this month, a piece of software dubbed the ‘Game Optimization Service’ was found to be restricting performance while specific applications were running. Games were the most common, although non-gaming applications were also impacted. Among them were Netflix, TikTok, and Microsoft Word.

Eventually, Samsung acknowledged that this was the case and affirmed that, after “careful assessment,” it would allow users to “adjust the performance when operating gaming applications.” In any case, the business emphasised that the Game Optimizing Service software “does not control the performance of non-gaming applications.”


As a consequence of the throttling, Geekbench removed four years of Galaxy phones from its database. It was feared that Geekbench didn’t accurately measure real-world performance, and Samsung was accused of slowing down games while allowing benchmarking applications to operate at full speed.

Phone companies have been accused of similar practises before. There have been multiple cases in the past when phone manufacturers, most notably Huawei, have been shown to be intentionally manipulating benchmark test results while the applications being tested are open.

Also, Samsung isn’t the only company that practises phone-throttling. An official statement from Apple subsequently said that this was done to assist conserve battery life on outdated batteries. Last year, OnePlus was also found to be limiting the performance of certain applications in the guise of saving battery life.


As if phone providers aren’t aware that this is occurring, resulting in a public outcry, consumers are outraged. That being said, throttling may be advantageous at times, but it’s important to be honest about this. Ideally, users should be able to turn it off at any time, not only after they’ve been detected.

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