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Microsoft Surface Studio 3 — what we expect so far


This is what we’ve heard and what we’d like to see in the Microsoft Surface Studio 3.

image credits: PCmag

The Microsoft Surface Studio 3 isn’t working. Does anyone know why? According to Windows Central, Microsoft had planned to introduce the Surface Studio 3 in 20202. Plans to release the device were put on hold due to the epidemic and a global chip scarcity. There is a possibility that the Surface Studio 3 will be released in 2022.

Ever since our 2016 Microsoft Surface Studio review, we’ve been fans of the Surface Studio line, and our 2018 Microsoft Surface Studio 2 review was just as positive. It’s been four years since the Surface Studio was released, which is a long time to wait for a new model with current technology and features.


We haven’t heard anything regarding the Surface Studio 3 in a long time. We’ve compiled all of the current rumours and made some educated assumptions about when the device will be available, how much it will cost, and what changes users can expect with the upcoming model.

This is Microsoft’s largest tablet, 2-in-1, and laptop, and it’s the most comfortable touchscreen for drawing we’ve ever seen on a computer.

The Surface Studio has earned its spot among the top computers available for professional creatives thanks to an excellent display that supports touch, pen and even the Surface Dial, as well as an innovative dual-hinge design that enables the monitor tilt to a low angle for comfortable drawing. It’s a great option for professionals because of the powerful hardware and excellent performance. It all comes together in a stunning, sleek design that manages to be both simple and classy at the same time, both in terms of functionality and aesthetics.


New Surface devices and product debuts were frequently leaked in 2021, which was an exciting year for Microsoft. The Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 has maintained the range up to date, but there hasn’t been a new desktop.

Windows 11-ready devices were introduced during Microsoft’s Surface event in September 2021, including the aforementioned Surface Laptop Studio. Check out our comprehensive Microsoft Surface event report for all the latest information.

Microsoft Surface Studio 3 release date

Surface Studio 3 is yet to be revealed by Microsoft, however a desktop update in 2022 is possible. End of 2016 saw the debut of the Surface Studio, with the Surface Studio 2 following in November of 2018. The Surface Studio 3 was expected to be released in 2020, however the ongoing global pandemic and lack of semiconductors put a damper on that timeline.


Microsoft Surface Studio 3 price

It’s difficult to predict whether the price of a new Surface Studio model will be the same as the Surface Studio 2 or if it will be increased or decreased in light of the lack of concrete news about a new product or features.

Starting at $3,499, the Surface Studio 2 costs $500 more than the original Surface Studio, which sold for $2,999 in 2016. To explain another price rise, Microsoft may be contemplating a big upgrade or redesign of the Surface Studio PC.

The all-in-one desktop might also be made more accessible to general users by lowering the price. In light of the considerable focus on the creative community that has surrounded the previous two desktop releases, this shift appears implausible. A lower beginning price and a desktop for the general public could help increase the market share of Surface, so it’s not impossible.


Surface Studio 2 starts at $3,499(opens in new tab) and has a Core-i7 processor, an Nvidia graphics card, and 16GB of RAM, so the next model’s price is expected to be similar if it’s unveiled. For a price of $4,799, you can get a model with an even better processor, a better graphics card and more memory and storage (opens in new tab).

Microsoft Surface Studio 3 specs

Microsoft Surface Studio 3 is yet to be announced, but we can make some educated estimates about what new features might be included in a 2019 model. Speculation about hardware and functionality is inevitable, however there are some aspects of the current model that could be enhanced in a future iteration.

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Just to give you an idea, the 2018 Surface Studio 2 came equipped with an Intel Core i7-7820HQ processor, which was already in its 7th generation at the time of its release in stores in 2018. Surface all-in-one users should expect a processor upgrade if Microsoft modifies the device in any way. We can only hope that the new CPU is an Intel Core model from the 12th generation, rather than an older chip that has been out for almost a year.


Microsoft Surface Studio 3 ports

Surface users have been clamouring for years for the ability to upgrade their existing USB Type-C connections to Thunderbolt 3 (or possibly Thunderbolt 4). Faster data transfer speeds mean Thunderbolt 3 is far more versatile than USB-C and can be used to connect a wide range of devices to the same computer, from high-resolution monitors to external storage.

When it comes to security, Microsoft’s design and manufacturing philosophies, Thunderbolt 3’s use of Direct Memory Access (DMA) for direct access to RAM runs afoul of Microsoft’s design and manufacturing principles, as seen in past Surface products that use soldered RAM – which Microsoft claims is more secure, but also more cost-effective. Thunderbolt 3 or 4 would appear on the desktop Studio 3 if it were to appear on any Surface device.

Microsoft Surface Studio 3 display 

A better display is another upgrade that is very likely. With 4500 x 3000 resolution, a distinguishing 3:2 aspect ratio, and factory colour calibration that gave superb colour and sharpness, the first and second generations of Studio all-in-ones had some of the greatest displays ever offered. The Surface Studio’s 28-inch displays don’t currently support HDR, a feature that is becoming increasingly important for photographers and filmmakers both, and even a better-than-4K display feels less thrilling when compared to Apple’s 6K Pro XDR display.


Microsoft Surface Studio 3 redesign

However, there are rumours that the next Surface Studio may not be an all-in-one at all, and that it will instead use an independent Surface monitor with the same touch capabilities and zero-gravity hinge, but without the PC hardware built in. This is based on a Microsoft patent from 2016, which has sparked speculation. In the future, the Surface Studio may look more like a high-end display paired with a tiny desktop, similar to the greatest mini PCs, rather than an all-in-one computer.

Microsoft’s Surface Hub S2 is a group-oriented display for meetings and collaboration, and this modular design could follow in its footsteps. There’s a resemblance to an all-in-one design, but the internal hardware can be upgraded via a separate module, which allows you to insert new hardware via a cartridge-like device.

Microsoft Surface Studio 3 microphones 

Additionally, enhanced microphones will allow for more efficient voice and video chats. directional micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) microphones, which reduce noise and echo better than regular microphones, according to a 2019 report from


Microsoft Surface Studio 3: What we want to see 

If Microsoft’s all-in-one Surface Studio 3 does come to fruition, what we’d most like to see on a new iteration of the machine are some minor tweaks: A switch to more up-to-date hardware at a lower cost. Despite the previous models’ great ergonomics and still-impressive 4K+ screen, both the price and CPU selection of the previous generation concerned us.

It would be a radical shift from Microsoft’s present product line to turn a single complete package into a less remarkable tiny PC coupled with a wonderful monitor, but it would make the Surface Studio’s advantages more widely available. While I would love to see Microsoft release a Surface monitor with the ergonomics and input capabilities of the Studio, doing so under the Surface Studio name would effectively convert the most inventive Windows all-in-one on the market to nothing more than a lovely monitor.


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