Microsoft has decided to discontinue Internet Explorer


On June 15, 2022, at the stroke of midnight, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer web browser will be retired.

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At the stroke of midnight on June 15, 2022, Microsoft(opens in new tab) will formally cease support for Internet Explorer. For Microsoft, this is the end of an era, but it also has actual consequences for individuals who are still relying on the 27-year-old Internet browser.

IE Explorer is dead: what this means for users

At this point, most people have probably switched to a different browser. Over a year ago, it was announced that Internet Explorer would be shutting down on June 15, 2022. Most individuals took this as their cue to go on.


After midnight, individuals who were unwilling or unable to give up the familiar browser will have little choice but to switch to a new one. The next time you use the Internet Explorer desktop software, you’ll be redirected to Microsoft Edge automatically.

Can anyone still use Internet Explorer after June 15?

Windows 10 LTSC and Server Internet Explorer 11 desktop apps will not be affected by this retirement, Microsoft has confirmed. Some of the software’s features will be unavailable to most consumers because of this. Microsoft Edge, on the other hand, will continue to provide an Internet Explorer legacy mode for websites that require it.

What users need to do before Internet Explorer retires 

The bookmarks are the most important thing for consumers to be concerned about. Users will no longer be able to access any browser data as a result of the desktop application being removed.


This problem can be solved by using Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge users only need to click on “Import browser data” under “Profiles” in the program’s settings menu. After that, all you have to do is click “Import” and pick “Microsoft Internet Explorer.”

There are numerous alternative browsers that allow you to import bookmarks if you do not wish to use Microsoft Edge.

Internet Explorer alternatives 

Microsoft Edge

Since the release of Windows 10, Microsoft Edge has been the default web browser for all users. Due to its compatibility with Windows, it is also the most user-friendly on the market. As a result, the Xbox Cloud Gaming experience is a tad smoother while using this browser than with others. The Edge platform also has a lower memory footprint than its rivals.



Chrome is a huge hit. As a matter of fact, it is the world’s most widely used web browser. Google’s web browser is fast, easy to use, and available on a wide range of platforms. You may prefer this browser over Microsoft Edge since it allows for a consistent user experience across all of your devices, such as a Chromebook or an Android phone.


Even though Firefox is not based on Chromium, most users will not notice a difference in their browsing experience. In 2021, the current Firefox upgrade will have a significant influence. Media autoplay, tab functionality, and privacy safeguards have all been enhanced as a result of this upgrade.

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