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Man arrested in Highland Park shooting depicted violence in music videos


Six people were killed in a mass shooting at an Independence Day parade in Highland Park, Illinois, and US authorities have detained a suspect.

Police reported that Robert E. Crimo III, 22, was apprehended following a brief pursuit.

The shooter scaled a roof and fired haphazardly at onlookers with a powerful rifle.


It is the most recent mass shooting to occur in the US; one has occurred every week in 2022. Joe Biden, the president, expressed his horror at the brutality.

A shooting that took place in Philadelphia during a Fourth of July fireworks display hours later left two police officers injured.

A manhunt resulted in the capture of Mr. Crimo. In relation to the shooting on Monday, he was listed as a “person of interest,” but after his arrest, police stated they felt he was accountable.


Just a few minutes after the march started, at 10:15 local time (15:15 GMT), the shooter started firing at the crowd in the Chicago suburbs.

As part of the city’s Independence Day festivities, floats, marching bands, and other community entertainment were planned for the event.

But what should have been one of the happiest days of the year suddenly descended into chaos, with people fleeing the scene and leaving pushchairs, purses, and lawn chairs on the pavement. According to other witnesses, they mistook the sound of gunfire for fireworks.


Police found “evidence of a firearm” at the scene, where the shooter was firing at bystanders from the rooftop of a nearby store.

In addition to the additional casualty who the local coroner reported passed away in a nearby hospital, five individuals perished at the scene. At least twenty other people suffered injuries.

Nicolas Toledo, a guy in his late 70s who needed full-time care and was only there because his family did not want him to miss the event, has been identified as one of those who passed away.


His granddaughter Xochil Toledo posted on GoFundMe, “What was supposed to be a wonderful family day turned into a dreadful nightmare for us all.”

We are a devastated and numb family. To all the other families who have lost a loved one today, our condolences go out.

Jacki Sundheim, a “beloved” member who taught and attended services at her local synagogue, has also been identified as a victim of the massacre.


A statement from the North Shore Congregation Israel synagogue said, “There are no words to adequately express the depth of our grief for Jacki’s passing and sympathy for her family and loved ones.”

Anand P, who was at the parade, recalled the day’s events, saying: “We went to have a great family day out, and then all of a sudden there was shooting.

“At the moment, I wanted to think the automobile was backfiring. Then people began to run, and we follow suit.


Noel Hara, another witness, related how the mayhem started while he was eating breakfast at Starbucks after dropping off his son at the parade.

According to Mr. Hara, “around 30 people barged in yelling all at once, and we were stuck within the Starbucks bathroom.”

They took us out of the Starbucks shortly after because they believed the shooter was attempting to enter through the rear door.


Mr. Crimo is not facing any charges, and no motive has been revealed.

Social media companies removed accounts that appeared to belong to Mr. Crimo, who used an identity to upload rap songs as well as videos with violent themes including shootings and gun violence.

Along with welcoming Mr. Trump’s motorcade in person, he also uploaded photos of himself wearing a Donald Trump flag and a video.


Only one month has passed since fatal shootings in Buffalo, New York, and Uvalde, Texas.

Jay Robert Pritzker, the governor of Illinois, issued a warning that mass shootings were “becoming an American habit.”

“There will be others who will argue that discussing weapons at this time is inappropriate because it is not the right day or moment to do so. The Democratic governor declared, “I’m telling you there is no greater day and no better time than right now and right now.


The nation’s “epidemic of gun violence,” according to President Biden, will continue to be combated.

Speaking in front of the White House in Washington, DC, he declared, “I’m not going to give up.”

The first important federal legislation on gun safety in nearly 30 years was signed by the president last week.


Critics argue that the measures don’t go far enough, despite the fact that it pushes authorities to take away guns from persons deemed a threat and imposes stricter checks on young buyers.

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