MacBook Air M2 release date just rumored for July 15


The MacBook Air M2 could go on sale on July 15; pre-orders will start to flow next week.

The wait for the MacBook Air M2 might be almost over since Apple might start selling it in approximately two weeks.

According to a retail insider who spoke with MacRumors(opens in new tab), the MacBook Air M2 will be on sale on July 15 and pre-orders will begin on July 8. (next Friday). This is consistent with Apple’s declaration at WWDC 2022 that the new Air would launch in July and with its practice of distributing pre-orders and regular sales for its newest products over two Fridays.


The price of the MacBook Air M2 is significantly more than that of the MacBook Air M1. However, the inclusion of the Apple M2 CPU, a redesigned, lighter design with a larger notched display, better speakers, and a higher quality webcam are all worthwhile-sounding additions that seem to justify the price. If you are not concerned with purchasing the newest technology, the MacBook Air M1 is still available for $1,000.

The MacBook Pro M2, Apple’s other brand-new notebook, was already released this month. However, this device has recently received some negative criticism because its base model can’t compete with the outdated MacBook Pro M1 on some scores because of its slower SSD transfer speeds.

It will be interesting to see if the MacBook Air M2 experiences the same performance issues as the MacBook Pro M2 in its base configuration. If it occurs, we could advise getting more RAM or storage for your Air because the higher-specced MacBook Pro models don’t seem to have this problem.


The rumor mill suggests that the MacBook Air M2 may not remain Apple’s newest lightweight notebook for long. There have been rumors of a 15-inch MacBook Air model that could be released in the spring of 2019. According to reports, this will expand the Air series’ screen size over 13 inches for the first time. It may possibly include the speculated Apple M2 Pro processor in addition to the standard M2 silicon.

For now, read our hands-on review of the MacBook Air M2 for our initial impressions of this updated MacBook and our pre-ordering instructions if you’d want some advice on where to get the best deals.


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