Latest: Taron Egerton ‘felt very, very famous’ meeting Britney Spears


Taron Egerton felt “incredibly, popular” meeting Britney Spears as of late.

The Rocketman star showed up on the most recent episode of the Just For Variety digital broadcast and examined his brushes with distinction.

During the digital broadcast, Taron shared that he had never felt so particularly well known as he did on 23 July, when Britney posted recordings on Instagram of the two gathering in London at a common companion’s evening gathering.


“I felt extremely, popular briefly,” Taron said, crediting the artist’s “energetic” fans for the consideration. “I love Britney.”

The pop star subtitled the video, “Coolest person of all time!!! Such a dag nab fan!”

On how Britney acted at the party, Taron reviewed, “She was incredibly, exquisite.”


The entertainer likewise conceded that he had been a Britney fan since her initial days, saying, “I was the very perfect age to have been cleared up in all that craziness… She’s a power.”

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