Latest: Spider-Man: Freshman Year Who’s Who – Daredevil, Doctor Strange and More | Comic-Con 2022


Peter Parker’s early adventures will involve a slew of Marvel characters.

The writers and producers of the Marvel animation slate at the SDCC 2022 panel.

With San Diego Comic-Con set to return in 2022, the future of the Marvel Multiverse is in sight. In advance of the huge Saturday display, the Marvel animation panel was conducted on July 22. While Marvel’s What If…? Season 2 premiered, we also got a look at Marvel’s Zombies and the freshman year of Spider-Man.

Executive producer and head writer Jeff Trammell’s cartoon aims to deepen the wall-crawling hero’s story with a who’s who of Spidey favorites before Tom Holland’s debut in Captain America: Civil War. It appears that Freshman Year takes place in one of the franchise’s other realities, much as X-Men ’97 and Marvel’s Zombies, meaning we may see everyone and everything without interfering with Holland’s live-action hero in any way. In 2024, Disney+ will release Spider-Man: Freshman Year.


Here’s a complete list of visitors (so far)…

Peyton Reed

The Webhead himself occupies the center of attention. Peter Parker’s first year of high school is depicted in this chapter, but he appears to have already established himself as a superhero. Hudson Thames, who voiced Spidey in What…If?, might reprise his role as the series’ protagonist here.



Charlie Cox, the voice of Daredevil’s Man Without Fear, is one of the few confirmed voice performers currently. Many fans had been hoping for Matt Murdock to make a comeback to the Marvel Cinematic Universe after his prominent appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home. For fans of Cox and Netflix’s Daredevil series, this is a significant victory, even though it isn’t the long-rumored Season 4.

Osborn, Harry


The long-awaited MCU debut of Peter Parker’s comic book closest pal Harry Osborn has been confirmed for Spider-Man: Freshman Year. In the anime series, it appears that they won’t be best friends.

Norman Osborn is a character in the Marvel Comics series.

When Willem Dafoe returned to the Spider-verse for Spider-Man: No Way Home, he may have been able to get his happy ending. As a story device akin to Tony Stark in Spider-Man: Homecoming, Osborn takes on a mentor role in Freshman Year. While Peter and Spider-Man will meet with Osborn, it isn’t certain whether or not he will become the Green Goblin.


The Mystic

As seen in No Way Home and Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness, Dr. Stephen Strange is returning to cause further havoc in the Multiverse. Because the series takes place in some version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Benedict Cumberbatch’s return as sorcerer Strange is a possibility, even though no official word has been given.

She was referred to as “Aunt May


Many people recall Aunt May from Spider-Man: The Animated Series (and others) as an older mother figure to Peter Parker in the live-action films she made. Freshman Year will bring back Aunt May after the No Way Home twist thanks to the younger version of Marisa Tomei.

It was Amadeus Cho who made this statement.

Bruce Banner’s possible replacement for Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk has been teased by the MCU in She-Hulk. In the same way that Riri Willaims becomes Iron Man, Cho will eventually succeed Banner as Brawn. For the World War Hulk arc, Cho was reintroduced to the Marvel Universe. We’re very sure that Cho and Parker will be working together in the lab.


Toshio Minoru

One of Hulu’s Marvel’s Runaways characters will make a guest appearance during Freshman Year, even if the show hasn’t been as popular as, say, Daredevil. Even though she is the daughter of two dark wizards, Nico isn’t one to let her heritage stand in her way. Peter’s high school drama may be put on hold for a while, thanks to the Runaways’ de facto leader, Nico Minoru. In the program, she is referred to be Peter’s best buddy.

Octopus the Doctor


Dr. Octopus is another well-known villain in Spider-gallery. Man’s rogue’s Doc Ock’s bowl haircut and goggles allude to the comics, while the aesthetic is evocative of Spider-Man: The Animated Series. Here, the Sinister Six (and beyond) is well represented, and it appears that Otto will be leading the way.

The Wizard, Bentley Wittman

But will Paul F. Tompkins, the actor who plays Bentley Wittman in Freshman Year, take on the role of Wizard as well? Even while the Wizard is most known as a foe of the Human Torch, he has also fought Spider-Man on numerous occasions. Wittman, one of the Frightful Four’s original members, is noted for his superhuman strength and extensive collection of bizarre weapons.


“Scorpion” and “Mac Gargan”

Although we never saw Michael Mando fully emerge as Scorpion in Spider-Man: Homecoming, the character’s post-credit tease of the Sinister Six has become something of a cliffhanger for fans of Better Call Saul. For his Freshman Year, Gargan donned the original Scorpion costume, replete with green spandex and a weaponized tail, as seen in the Marvel cartoon panel below.

Dmitri Smerdyakov/Chameleon is the name of the actor.


Chameleon, Spider-first Man’s foe, has a long and distinguished comic book career as a master of disguises and camouflage. The half-brother of Kraven the Hunter, Dmitri Smerdyakov, is believed to portray Chameleon in Sony’s Kraven the Hunter movie, which also stars Fred Hechinger. Numar Acar played Dmitri in Spider-Man: Far From Home, making him a familiar face in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Costumes from Disney’s Star Wars franchise have made their way to Comic-Con.

Take a look at Comic-impressive Con’s collection of official Star Wars costumes, which includes ones from the upcoming Star Wars: Andor.


Sytsevich and Rhino

Rhino is a recurring member of the Sinister Six. Paul Giamatti portrays the hulking Rhino in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, as well as both the animated series and the Spider-Man video game by Insomniac. His comic book origin shows him as a Russian mobster who undergoes an experimental surgery that gives him extremely hard skin, but nowadays he’s more commonly shown as a hardened criminal.

Jimi Hendrix/The Speed Demon


James Sanders, aka Speed Demon, is a Spider-Man villain who debuts in Freshman Year. Since leaving the Sinister Squadron, the figure formerly known as the Whizzer has gone by the name Speed Demon. Sanders is a Marvel super-speedster, as his given name implies.

In the person of Milos Masaryk, the Unicorn

MI6 agent Milos Masaryk was given the task of finding Anton Vanko, the original Crimson Dynamo, in the Soviet Union. Masaryk transformed into the Unicorn and utilized a horned helmet to discharge a beam of radiation at his foes, using Vanko’s technology. Mutagenic radiation was then applied to Unicorn, causing it to develop superhuman strength. It’ll be fascinating to see how he fits in here, given that he’s generally linked with Iron Man.


Anton Miguel Rodriquez

Spider-Man: Freshman concludes with a tarantula that looks like Spider-Man. It’s been a long time coming. Anton Miguel Rodriguez, a convicted terrorist in his native Delvadia, was given the alias Tarantula by the authorities to serve as a fascist Captain America. He was stopped by Spider-Man and the Punisher before escaping from prison with the help of the Jackal when he took on a life of crime in America. Be on the lookout for yet another young reinterpretation of the protagonist.

And with that, we conclude the Marvel animation panel’s character announcements. Which one of the cast members have you been most looking forward to seeing? Comment below and let’s have a discussion! Source


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