Latest: Sainz thinks criticism of Ferrari’s F1 strategy is “unfair”

After Charles Leclerc’s pole position in the French Grand Prix, Carlos Sainz feels the criticism of Ferrari’s F1 strategy calls is unfair.

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F1’s top team has taken heat recently for strategic decisions that have lost it important wins, such as Ferrari’s choice in the British Grand Prix not to replace Charles LeClerc’s worn tyres during the last safety car and Ferrari’s pit error that cost him the victory in Monaco.

In order to counteract Red Bull’s advantage on the back straight at Paul Ricard on Saturday, Ferrari devised a pre-weekend strategy for Sainz to pull Leclerc in his slipstream in Q3.


The strategy worked brilliantly, with Leclerc claiming pole position over Max Verstappen by a margin of 0.304 seconds.

Formula One driver Carlos Sainz says Ferrari’s qualifying strategy shows how “solid” the organization is in terms of strategy, despite starting from the back of the grid.

A lot of criticism has been leveled at our tactics, according to Sainz. “There are going to be mistakes with tyres and tyre selections with every team this season, so it’s unfair to single out just one.


“However, I believe the squad has been quite solid in terms of strategy this year, as evidenced by today. It also indicates, in my opinion, that we have a great working connection with Charles and a great working environment.

“Nice to see you. You owe it to Ferrari and to the rest of us to acknowledge what a great day we had.”

As long as Sainz is able to make a strong comeback from his grid penalty at Paul Ricard, Ferrari decided to accept its grid penalty at Paul Ricard.


When asked what he thought the race’s acceptable level was, Sainz said: “As I mentioned, I don’t have a benchmark and, given that we’re only halfway through the season, I don’t believe it’s worthwhile to focus on it at this point given how well I’ve been running on the track thus far.

“At this point, I’ll just keep focusing on getting back to where I was last year, which I believe I’ve accomplished, and will continue to do so until the team tells me differently.

With half of the season remaining and all of the events that have taken place in the first half of the season, there are still possibilities for me.




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