Latest: NFL launches tiered streaming service. Here’s how much it costs


For the first time, NFL fans will be able to watch live games on their smartphones and tablets, thanks to the league’s long-awaited streaming service.

A year’s subscription to NFL+ costs $4.99 per month, or $39.99 per year, and includes access to pre-season games and archived football film. NFL+ Premium, a more expensive subscription, costs $9.99 or $79.99 a year and offers ad-free game replays and coaches’ film, which shows the action from the perspective of all 22 players on the field.

The new service differs from NFL Network and NFL Sunday Ticket, which both provide access to live games for viewers but require payment through a cable provider. NFL Game Pass will no longer be available in the United States as of the debut of NFL+, the league announced.


By giving fans “a great amount of NFL material,” Commissioner Roger Goodell said in a statement, he aims to strengthen the league’s relationship with all ages. Experts in sports business say the program is aimed at attracting younger football fans and generating fresh cash for the 102-year-old league.

Fans will soon be able to watch NFL games on their smartphones, tablets, and computers thanks to the launch of NFL+. Among other things, the NFL’s broadcast contracts with the four major networks expire in 2033, for example (CBS, which is owned by Paramount Global, operates ESPN and Turner Sports have contracts with the NBA that expire in 2025.

Fans may watch games on their mobile devices or TVs through the NBA’s League Pass streaming service, but the league is still working with Microsoft on a new streaming option. The New York Post claimed in October that Major League Baseball was also working on a streaming service.


A sports business expert at Washington University in St. Louis, Patrick Rishe, says the NFL’s Monday launch is “not a surprise considering what we’re witnessing across the spectrum of sports.”

According to Rishe and other experts, the growth of league-owned streaming services will not reduce interest in live sports broadcasts. Sports fans, on the other hand, have a new option for watching the game if they’re not in front of a television, they added.

‘Gen X and Alpha Gens,’ the two youngest generations, are streaming more content and are more likely to subscribe to services,’ Rishe said CBS MoneyWatch. “The NFL has made a smart, intelligent and relevant business decision.


a more favorable environment for sports leagues as a result of climate change

The launch of the NFL’s streaming service coincides with an increase in the number of sports broadcasting rights being purchased by tech companies.

Major League Soccer games will be streamed by Apple for the next 10 years, starting next year. Earlier this year, Apple TV began streaming MLB games via the tech giant. Amazon Prime will stream some NFL games for the first time ever starting this year, according to Rishe.


According to the New York Times, tech giants like Amazon and Apple will continue to compete for live sports contracts in the years to come, placing significant pressure on television networks that may not have the same deep pockets as the tech giants.

According to Steve Gera, an SDSU sports marketing professor, the NFL’s 5-year streaming partnership with Verizon and Yahoo ended this year. Gera told CBS MoneyWatch that the expiration was most likely the driving force behind NFL+.

This streaming service will likely pay rewards in years to come, Gera added, because it will let the NFL to pitch TV networks for a new, presumably more lucrative broadcast contract that includes viewers from NFL+.


As a result, “they’ll be able to tell a beautiful story about what they’ve been able to achieve with this service and offer it as a package deal,” Gera said. “It puts them in a position of great power.”

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