Latest: Keke Palmer hits back at viral tweet that said she’s not as successful as Zendaya because of colorism: ‘I’m an incomparable talent’


A fan who compared Keke Palmer’s career to that of Zendaya’s has reacted angrily to the “Nope” star’s response.


According to a fan of both performers on Saturday, Palmer hasn’t gained public recognition like Zendaya because of colorism, the desire for lighter skin tones among members of one’s own racial or ethnic community.

Palmer and Zendaya were both child stars in the past, with Zendaya appearing in two Disney Channel shows and Palmer starring in her own Nickelodeon sitcom, “True Jackson, VP.”


Fan wrote, “This may be one of the clearest illustrations of how colorism plays out in Hollywood.

It was a “colorism” to compare anyone to Palmer once the tweet went viral.

In a tweet yesterday, Palmer wrote, “A fantastic illustration of colorism is to believe I can be compared to anyone.” “There has never been a younger talk show host than me. Nickelodeon’s first black female lead and the first black Cinderella on Broadway. I’m a master at my craft. Keke Palmer is the real deal, baby.”


Tweeting afterwards, she added: “Since I was 11 years old, I’ve been a leading lady. The number one film at the box office is an original screenplay written by myself, and I’m currently starring in it. My career thus far has been wonderful, and I couldn’t ask for anything more, yet God continues to amaze me with his unexpected ways.”

When it comes to colorism in Hollywood, Zendaya has spoken up about how she has benefited from it. A year ago, the “Euphoria” singer claimed at a New York City Beautycon festival that she attempts to use her advantage as “light-skinned black woman” to demonstrate various beauty within the African-American community.

According to her, she is “Hollywood’s, I guess you could say, acceptable depiction of a black female.” That needs to change. For me to be the sole expression of who we are, “we’re far too lovely and interesting.”


The Jordan Peele-directed film “Nope,” starring Palmer, took the top spot at the US box office during the weekend, grossing $44 million.

Filming for “Nope” has just wrapped.


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