Latest: Alex Jones concedes Sandy Hook attack was ‘100% real’


Suddenly that Alex Jones, the conspiracy theorist, says he has changed his mind, he now believes that the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was “100 percent true.”

SOUTHWEST, Texas After the parents of a 6-year-old boy killed in the attack testified about the suffering, death threats and harassment they’ve endured because of what Jones has trumpeted on his media platforms, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones said Wednesday that he now understands it was irresponsible of him to declare the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre a hoax and that he now believes it was “100 percent real.”

And it’s much more poignant now that I’ve met their parents. “It’s 100% true,” Jones testified at his trial to decide how much he pays for defaming the parents of a 6-year-old boy who was among the 20 kids and six educators murdered in the 2012 massacre at the school in Newtown, Connecticut.


A day earlier, the parents who sued Jones said an apology wasn’t enough and that the Infowars host needed to be held accountable for persistently propagating falsehoods about the attack, which he had done. At least $150 million is what they’re looking for.

After further testimony from Jones, who has framed the lawsuit as an attack on his First Amendment rights, the closing arguments are slated to begin later on Wednesday.

Free Speech Systems and Jones are the only two witnesses in this case who are defending their positions. His lawyer asked him if he now realizes how “totally reckless” it was to spread the false allegations that the massacre never occurred and that no one perished.


Although Jones claimed to have changed his mind, the media won’t allow him to retract his statement.

Additionally, he lamented that he’d been “typecast as someone who wanders about talking about Sandy Hook, earns money off Sandy Hook, is obsessed with Sandy Hook.”

First, Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis, whose son Jesse was killed in the attack, testified that they were subjected to death threats, online abuse, and harassment because of the false hoax claims propagated by Jones and his Infowars website.


Tuesday’s session was tense, with the court chastising the boisterous Jones for his lack of candor when testifying under oath.

Lewis had an engrossing conversation with Jones, who was only about 10 feet away. On his radio show earlier that day, Jones had claimed that Heslin was being misled by bad people because she was “slow.” Heslin denied this.

You are a father, and I know you are a father, but I am a mother first and foremost. Lewis admitted to Jones that he had a son. “I am not a member of the deep state… ” Yes, I am aware that you are aware of this… In spite of all this, you’re going to leave this courthouse and repeat it once more on your show.”


Do you believe I’m an actor?” Lewis asked Jones at one point.

Jones said, “No, I don’t think you’re an actress,” before the court cautioned him to keep silent until he was summoned to testify.

Numerous members of the Sandy Hook community have filed lawsuits against Jones and his ilk, stating that the Sandy Hook hoax accusations he propagated led to their loved ones being subjected to years of abuse.


Lewis and Heslin have both reported that strangers have approached them at home and on the street, making them fear for their safety. Heslin claims that he and his car have been shot at when he was home. Another Sandy Hook family received a phone call with a death threat.

It has been a “living hell” for Heslin for the past nine and a half years because of Alex Jones’ “recklessness and irresponsibility.”

Scarlett Lewis also claimed to have received threatening emails that appeared to reveal personal information about her.


Afraid of death, Scarlett Lewis explained. In other words, you had no idea what they had planned.

While Heslin admitted that he had no idea where the Sandy Hook hoax conspiracy theory came from, he stated Jones was the one who sparked the fire with an online platform and broadcast that reached millions across the world.

As Heslin put it, “What was said about me and Sandy Hook itself reverberates around the world.” “As time passed, I became more aware of the danger.”


Scarlett Lewis testified for a portion of her testimony, but Jones was absent from the courtroom for Heslin’s Tuesday morning hearing, which Heslin called “cowardly.” A number of private security guards were at his side.

For a long time, I’ve wanted to face Alex Jones and confront him for the things he said and did to me. For the sake of my son’s legacy,” Heslin stated when Jones wasn’t there, when he was absent.

Heslin described how he held his kid, who had a bullet hole in his head, to the jury, going so far as to describe the extent of his son’s injuries. A 2017 Infowars broadcast claiming that Heslin did not hold his son is a major piece of evidence in the case.


This school photo of Jesse taken two weeks before his death was exhibited to the jury. After the shooting, the photo was not sent to the parents. They talked about how Jesse was known for telling his peers to “run!” which probably saved lives.

Parenting experts told the parents that a public apology from Jones wasn’t enough.

When Heslin remarked, “Alex began this fight, and I’ll end this battle,” he meant it.


The judge requested Jones to respond to a question from his own attorney, and he was initially apprehensive to do so. An apology has long been on Jones’ wish list, he said in court.

Judge later admonished Jones for saying he had followed pre-trial evidence gathering procedures, even though it was later found out he had not, and for telling the jury that he was bankrupt, which has not been shown. They were enraged when Jones mentioned he was bankrupt, fearing it would influence the jury’s judgment on damages.

This is not your performance,” Judge Maya Guerra Gamble said. “Things aren’t true because of what you believe in them. You have sworn to the truth.


When the Sandy Hook relatives asked for records from Jones, the judge chided him in her default decision last September. For the same grounds, another Sandy Hook parent’s claim against Jones was dismissed by the same court in Connecticut.

On the line is how much money Jones will have to pay. If the jury decides in favor of the parents, they want $150 million in damages for defamation and emotional suffering. A decision on punitive damages will be made by the jury at this point.

Jones has already taken steps to ensure the financial stability of Free Speech Systems. Last week, the corporation sought bankruptcy protection from the federal government. The relatives of Sandy Hook have filed separate lawsuits against Jones over his financial claims, saying that the company is trying to shield millions of dollars owned by Jones and his family through shell corporations.


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