iOS 16 — this is the most underrated new feature for your iPhone


The haptic keyboard feedback on iOS 16 is fantastic.

Apple hasn’t marketed a new iOS 16 feature much, but it has quickly become my favorite part of the new operating system. The keyboard now has a haptic feedback option hidden in the Settings app. Moreover, it’s now an option, and it works well.

Apple’s new Lock Screen personalization choices and realistic 3D buildings in Apple Maps are interesting, but they’re not the most important parts of the product. But they don’t fundamentally alter the way I use my iPhone on a daily basis as haptic keyboard feedback does.


In order to make use of the beta’s haptic feedback, open the Settings menu, choose Sounds and Haptics, and then Keyboard Feedback. Just as when you hit particular buttons in applications or long-press an icon in a home screen, this option makes your phone vibrate slightly while you write on the onscreen keyboard. It makes a significant impact for such a little adjustment if you haven’t tried it yet.

There was no keyboard feedback option in the development beta, but it already feels great in this first public version. The sound of each key under your thumbs is soothing and never distracts you from what you’re typing.

In terms of tactile feedback, the iPhone currently offers key tap noises for typing on the keyboard, but it doesn’t come close to the vibratory sensation offered by the device. In addition, if you silence the phone, you won’t hear a thing. Typing silently still feels like typing rather than merely touching on the screen because of haptic feedback.


Because of the haptic feedback, I couldn’t return to the iPhone keyboard after a few minutes of typing with it. So I’ve installed beta software on my primary phone, which is something I don’t encourage.

On the iPhone SE 2022 I was using to test out iOS 16, I began composing this post. It seems like a decent approach to become used to the keyboard’s feel and motion.. On the other hand, I’ve completed this post on the iPhone 13 Pro Max I use every day, after installing the beta on that device as well. When the final version of iOS 16 is released in the autumn, I plan to suggest this feature to my iPhone-owning pals.

For the most part, haptic keyboard feedback on the iPhone can’t be considered a game-changer since it has been available on Android devices for years. When it comes to the iPhone, tactile taps have finally been added, and they’ve done it smoothly, as all of Apple’s finest features do. “It’s better late than never,” as the saying goes.


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