iOS 16 tells you the value of your money without a Google search


Temperature and measurement kinds are only a small part of the picture.

Smaller changes to iOS 16’s latest iPhone update are constantly being discovered by users, with recent discoveries including better methods for finding bits of information such as currency and temperature.

An underlining will display next to a temperature or currency figure, according to Federico Vittici(opens in new tab). In order to save time if you need to fast convert currencies or temperatures, you can press on this.


It supports Apple’s statements that productivity and customization are top priorities for the company this year, and many customers will benefit greatly from the little additions.

Analysis: Letting the little features make a big impact

This is just one example from Apple’s long history of updates, in which the little changes that aren’t acknowledged can make a major difference.

The iOS 10 trackpad, for example, is a good example of this. A mouse can be turned into a keyboard on an iPhone by pressing down on the keyboard’s keys for a short period of time.


This feature is yet another modest tool that will benefit a large number of people. A search on Google or DuckDuckGo before this would have provided you with the solution.

Instead, it streamlines the process so that you may get the information you need quickly and directly from the app you’re already using on your iPhone.


When the public beta of iOS 16 is out in July and more people have a chance to try it out, we may see similar changes that make our iPhones even easier to use.

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