ICC to announce hosts of upcoming Women’s T20 World Cups, ODI World Cups soon

The International Cricket Council (ICC) will reveal the locations of four upcoming women’s cricket tournaments during its annual conference in Birmingham in the near future.

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The International Cricket Council (ICC) will hold its annual conference in Birmingham later this week and will announce the hosts of four key global women’s cricket tournaments.

T20 World Cups, ODI World Cups and the T20 Champions Trophy will all take place during the 2023-27 cycle in Women’s cricket. Women’s rights, confirmed by the ICC, will be sold separately from men’s rights for the first time in history. These events are part of six big spectacles.


Women’s cricket’s hosts for the above-mentioned events will be chosen by an ICC directors’ working committee. All of the bids received will be whittled down to a short list, and the host locations will be selected.

A report in ESPNcricinfo states that the International Cricket Council has received 16 offers from seven countries for the four major events.

Former New Zealand cricket chairman Martin Snedden, Sourav Ganguly, Ricky Skerritt and Clare Connor are members of the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) working group.


ICC will make a final decision on the bids it receives on July 26 after they have all worked together to narrow the field.

On July 24, the CEC (Chief Executives Committee) meeting will take place, followed by the Finance & Commercial Affairs (F&CA) meeting on July 25.

ICC will divide the rights for women’s and men’s events for the first time and sell them separately at its forthcoming annual conference, marking a significant milestone.


Each of the six flagship women’s events will have 103 matches, which will be broken down into three categories: TV/digital/TV+digital combined for the 2023-27 cycle.



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