How to watch YouTube on your Apple Watch free


YouTube videos can now be viewed right on your wrist, thanks to a new app.

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We can do a lot with only a few swipes and taps on the Apple Watch, the best smartwatch money can buy. You can now watch YouTube videos straight on the tiny display, in addition to making calls, texting, and listening to music or podcasts.

Right now, there isn’t a YouTube App for the Apple Watch on the market. A third-party program called WatchTube, on the other hand, enables Apple Watch customers to access YouTube.


To use WatchTube(opens in a new browser), you’ll need a watch that’s running watchOS 6 or later, and the software does an excellent job emulating many of YouTube’s capabilities, including Search. You may watch just about any video you want with this app.

WatchTube has a few oddities. Because this is a third-party software, there is no way to link your Google account. Instead, a list of popular YouTube videos is displayed. Search, Library, and Settings are all accessible from the WatchTube home page. There are trending videos in the Home area, as well as the option to select a specific video category on the Home page.

It’s easy to find things using the app’s search, which is enhanced by the keyboard on the Apple Watch Series 7. You may also utilize the watch’s messaging scribbling feature or dictation to search for videos.


At the typical 16:9 aspect ratio, the videos appear small on the screen. It’s possible to alter the aspect ratio, however doing so may result in a smaller image.

In the end, the Apple Watch’s screen is still too small for watching videos. The screen on the Apple Watch 7 offers 50% more display space on the same 45mm size as the one on the Apple Watch 3, but it’s still far from optimal for watching movies or videos. There’s probably a good reason why there hasn’t been a YouTube app for the Apple Watch for so long.

It takes a while for WatchTube to load. When I attempted to watch movies on my Apple Watch SE, I discovered that the Home page took a long time to load completely, and then loading a specific video took even longer still. You can use AirPods or the Apple Watch’s built-in speakers to listen, and the sound quality is excellent.


Our list of the greatest Apple Watch apps in 2022 may include WatchTube. Probably not, but that doesn’t negate the fact that it’s a simple but effective program that accomplishes a single task. If you want your Apple Watch to do everything in 2022, you’ll have to add video viewing to the mix.

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