How to watch The Boys season 3 episode 7 release date and time


Before the premiere of The Boys season 3 episode 7, we have time to unwind. We’re going to need it, boy howdy.

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While some people argue that Herogasm was overhyped, many people who watched the most recent episode of one of the best Prime Video shows stated, “Wow, I wasn’t expecting that.”


The Boys season 3 episode 7 comes out Friday (July 1) on Amazon Prime Video at 3 a.m. ET / 12 a.m. PT.


Unfortunately, after the Herogasm cameras were found, the grand scheme to stop Homelander using Soldier Boy’s abilities collapsed even more quickly than they had begun.

We are currently in the midst of another significant confrontation. After the previous season, Starlight’s revealed Homelander certainly didn’t need another PR disaster. However, she is no longer Starlight. Annie January is back, super-name be damned.

Mother’s Milk, however, is not content with the current state of affairs. In addition to dismissing killing MM’s family because he has killed too many to count, Soldier Boy also commented on the episode’s large stain on MM. Yikes.


Soldier Boy appears to be coming closer to discovering the huge secret that led to his imprisonment in Russia. A-Train appears to have finally found salvation after his apologies to Hughie, which is great news.

Because we’ve seen everything in season 3 of The Boys, we can’t stop praising it (thanks to screeners). Unquestionably, it is among the greatest new series to watch in June. Check out my thoughts on the show’s comeback in our spoiler-free The Boys season 3 review.

Check out this video of Tomer Kapon and Karen Fukuhara discussing Herogasm to finish.


how to watch episode 7 of The Boys season 3 in the US

On Friday, July 1, fans in the United States can access Amazon Prime Video to watch The Boys season 3 episode 7. Some episodes, like this week’s Herogasm, have gone online the night before the scheduled time of 3 a.m. ET/12 a.m. PT/8 a.m. BST.

The season’s sixth episode, which airs every Friday, is this one.

How to access The Boys season 3 episode 7 from any location in the world

Despite being accessible in many nations around the world, not all of them have Amazon Prime Video. You don’t have to miss The Boys if you live in a place without Prime Video. It might be rather simple to watch together with the rest of the internet. You can stream the program from any location if you use the appropriate VPN (virtual private network).


We looked at a lot of options, and ExpressVPN is the finest VPN (opens in new tab). With excellent compatibility with the majority of devices and exceptional connection speeds, it fulfills the VPN requirements of the vast majority of users. At $12.95 a month, it’s also reasonably priced. (The price is further decreased by signing up for lengthier terms of six months or a year.)

A VPN is really easy to use.

Install your preferred VPN first. ExpressVPN(opens in new tab) is our top pick, as we’ve already mentioned.


In the VPN app, select the location you want to connect to. You might choose the United Kingdom from the list if you’re in the United States and wish to access a U.K. service.

Remain still and take in the action. Tune in by going to Amazon Prime Video or another streaming service.

The Boys season 3 episode schedule

  • The Boys season 3 episode 1, “Payback” — June 3
  • The Boys season 3 episode 2, “The Only Man In The Sky” — June 3
  • The Boys season 3 episode 3, “Barbary Coast” — June 3
  • The Boys season 3 episode 4, “Glorious Five Year Plan” — June 10
  • The Boys season 3 episode 5, “The Last Time To Look On This World Of Lies” — June 17
  • The Boys season 3 episode 6, “Herogasm” — June 24
  • The Boys season 3 episode 7, “Here Comes a Candle to Light You to Bed” — July 1
  • The Boys season 3 episode 8, “The Instant White-Hot Wild” — July 8


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