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How to Turn Off Memories on iPhone [updated]

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This post will show you how to disable iPhone memory notifications. There is no way to prevent your iPhone from producing Memories slideshows, but you can edit or delete them once they have been created.

What You Should Know

  • To turn off the Memories toggle, go to Settings > Notifications > Photos > Customize Notifications.
  • Customize: Albums > People, find the individual you want to block > ellipses (…) > Never feature this person.
  • Disable all notifications from the Photos app: Settings > Notifications > Photos > toggle the Allow Notifications switch.

How to Turn Off Photo Memories on Your iPhone

Memories is an iPhone function that is activated by default, so it will occasionally appear in your notifications. You can disable this function if you don’t want to get reminders regarding old images and videos you took years ago. It may also be reenabled at any moment, so you can turn it on and off whenever you want.

The methods below are for iOS 16, although they also work in iOS 15. Earlier versions of the app follow a similar procedure, however you must go to Settings > Notifications > Photos > Memories and turn off Allow Notifications.

  1. Open Settings, and tap Notifications.
  2. Scroll down, and tap Photos.
  3. Scroll down for additional options.Notifications, Photos, and a down arrow in iPhone settings.Tap the Allow Notifications toggle on this screen if you prefer to to disable all notifications from the Photos app.
  4. Tap Customize Notifications.
  5. Tap the Memories toggle to turn it off.
  6. When the Memories toggle is gray, you will no longer receive memories notifications on your iPhone.Custom Notifications, Memories toggle, and Memories disabled in iPhone Photos notification customization.

What Are iPhone Photo Memories?

Memories is a function that generates presentations from photographs and videos stored in your camera roll. It use machine learning to highlight people, locations, and events from your collection, as well as to produce slideshows and set them to music. These memories are then provided to you in the form of notifications.

You can make your own Memories photo slideshows to share with friends and family in addition to the automatically generated ones. If you prefer to create your own slideshows, you should disable the option and create your own on occasion.

Can You Block Just One Person From Memories?

If the main reason you want to disable Memories is that it keeps showing you photographs or videos of people you don’t want to see anymore, you can configure the Photos app to ignore that individual. This feature makes use of Apple’s face recognition technology to make a person appear less frequently in the Photos app and memory notifications.

This is great if you took a lot of photos with an ex and don’t want to be reminded of your messy breakup year after year, or if you’re still grieving the loss of a loved one and don’t want to see their face in your alerts.

On an iPhone, you can block someone from Memories by going to Photos > Albums > People and selecting the person. Then, for further possibilities, hit the ellipses. If you choose to feature this individual less, you will see less of them in Memories. If you choose to never feature this individual, you will never see images of them, even in group photos.

You can also avoid showing a memory of a date or location by going to Photos > For You. Then, on the memory you want to block, touch the ellipses > Feature Less > Confirm.

How to Turn Off Photo Memories Notifications on iPhone


Where are my iPhone’s memories saved?

Open the Photos app and select the For You option to view your iPhone memories. Tap See All in the Memories section.

Is it true that erasing iPhone memories deletes photos?

No, deleting images from your iPhone’s memory does not delete them from your library.

How do I restore lost Snapchat photos from my iPhone?

Go to your Profile > Settings > My Data > Memories > Submit Request to retrieve Snapchat memories. Following the submission of your account details, Snapchat will send you an email with a link to retrieve all of your memories.

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