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How to Set Up Find My iPhone on iPhone [updated]

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Set Up Find My iPhone on iPhone: This article will walk you through the process of installing Find My (or its predecessor, Find My iPhone) on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch running iOS (or iPadOS) 13 or later.

Earlier versions of iOS, beginning with iOS 5 and the introduction of Find My iPhone by Apple, followed identical steps.

What You Should Know

  • To activate, go to Settings > select your name > Find My > Find My iPhone > enable Find My iPhone.
  • Find: Go to iCloud.com, sign in with your Apple ID, and then select Find iPhone > All Devices > Missing Device.
  • To track your device on a map, enable Location Services in Settings > Privacy & Security.

Turn on Find My 

The option to enable Find My iPhone is included in the initial iPhone setup procedure. You may have enabled it at that time. If you did not, follow these steps to enable it.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap your name.
  3. Tap Find My. (In earlier versions of iOS, tap iCloud > Find My Phone to turn on the feature.)Path to Find My settings on iPhone
  4. If you want to let friends and family members know where you are, turn on Share My Location in the Find My screen. This optional setting is not required to locate your phone.
  5. Tap Find My iPhone at the top of the screen.
  6. Turn on the Find My iPhone toggle switch.
  7. Turn on the Find My Network switch to view your phone even when it is not connected to the internet. This parameter is optional and is not necessary for device location. Find My Network is an encrypted and anonymous network of Apple devices that can assist you in finding your device.
  8. When the battery is low, enable Communicate Last Location to have the phone send its location to Apple. This option is also optional.Settings for turning on and configuring Find My on iPhone

To locate your phone’s location on a map, you must enable Location Services. Go to Settings > Privacy to make sure it’s turned on.

Set up Find My on any other compatible devices you own after you’ve set up Find My on your phone to keep the content up to date on all of your devices.

Depending on your iOS version, you may see a message confirming that you understand that this tool activates GPS tracking on your iPhone. The GPS tracking is for your use only, not for the benefit of others who wish to track your movements. Allow should be selected.

How to Use Find My

When your iPhone or other iOS device goes missing, whether due to misplacement or theft, use Find My with iCloud to track it down.

  1. Open a web browser, go to iCloud.com, and log in with your Apple ID, which is also your iCloud account ID.Apple ID field on iCloud.com
  2. Select Find iPhone. You may be asked to provide your password again.Find iPhone button on iCloud website
  3. iCloud locates your iPhone and other devices that you set up with Find My and displays these devices on a map. A green dot indicates the device is online. A gray dot means it’s offline.Green dot indicating online iPhone at iCloud websiteFind My is supported by all iOS devices, as well as Mac computers and the Apple Watch. If AirPods are paired with and close to an iOS device, they can be found..
  4. Select All Devices and choose the missing iPhone to show it on the map.Selected iPhone in All Devices list on iCloud.com
  5. Choose one of these options:
    • Play Sound: If you suspect your iPhone is nearby, select Play Sound and follow the sound to the iPhone.
    • Lost Mode: Locks and tracks your iPhone.
    • Erase iPhone: Remotely erases your personal information on the iPhone.
    Lost iPhone options on iCloud.com

Turn Off Find My on Your iPhone

To disable Find My iPhone, go to Settings > [your name] > Find My > Turn Off. Turn off Find My iPhone and then on again.

Earlier versions of Find My iPhone may require you to provide the password for the iCloud account associated with the device. This feature, known as Activation Lock, stops thieves from disabling Find My iPhone in order to conceal the handset from the service.

What Is Find My?

Find My is an app that locates lost or stolen iPhones. It uses the device’s built-in GPS or location services to pinpoint it on a map. To prevent a criminal from accessing your data, it locks a device or deletes all data from a device via the internet. If you lose your device, utilise Find My to make it play a sound. To find the device, listen for a dinging sound.

Apple integrated the Find My iPhone and Find My Friends functions in iOS 13 into a single app named Find My.

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