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How to Put Parental controls on Quest Headsets

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This article describes how to install and activate parental controls on a Quest headset.

What You Should Know

  • Open the Meta Quest app on your teen’s phone: Menu > Parental Control > Inviting Parent > Sending Link
  • When you receive the link, open it, click Continue, and then click ACCEPT INVITE.
  • When linked: In the Meta Quest app on your phone: Select Parental Supervision from the menu, then select your child’s account to supervise.

How to Setup Parental Controls on a Quest VR Headset

To apply parental restrictions to a Quest VR headset, both you and your teen must have Meta or Facebook accounts, as well as the Meta Quest app. The teen initiates the process by sending an invite to the parent using the Meta Quest app. This enables the parent to link the Teen’s account to their own and access parental controls.

If you are unable to set up parental restrictions, update your Quest as well as the Quest software on your phone and your teen’s phone.

How to Allow a Parent or Guardian to Monitor a Teen’s Oculus Account

To apply parental restrictions to a Quest VR headset, the first step is to invite the parent or guardian to manage the teen’s account. This can only be started by the teen via their phone’s Meta Quest app.

In the Meta Quest app, follow these steps to invite a parent or guardian:

  1. Tap the menu icon (three horizontal lines).
  2. Tap Parental Supervision.
  3. Tap Invite Parent.Menu, Parental Supervision, and Invite Parent highlighted in the Oculus app.
  4. Tap Send Link.
  5. Select a method, and send the link.Send Link highlighted in the Oculus app, with sending choices displayed

How to Supervise Your Teen’s Oculus Account

Click the link your teen emailed you once they’ve invited you to manage their account. You may apply parental restrictions to your teen’s VR headset, check how much time they spend in VR, block problematic apps, and more by accepting the invitation and setting up the supervisory role.

You may share your Quest games and apps with your teen and utilise parental controls to block anything inappropriate.

Set up parental controls for an Oculus VR headset as follows:

  1. Open the link that your teen sent you, and click Continue.CONTINUE highlighted in Oculus parental control setup.
  2. Click ACCEPT INVITE.ACCEPT INVITE highlighted in Oculus parental control setup.
  3. Open the Meta Quest app on your phone when you see You’re almost done!Oculus parental controls ready to set up.
  4. Open the Meta Quest app and tap Menu (three horizontal lines).
  5. Tap Parental Supervision.
  6. Tap your teen’s account.Menu, Parental Supervision, and teen's account highlighted in Oculus parental supervision.
  7. You may monitor your adolescent’s daily VR usage, friends, and profile on this screen. If your teen wishes to download a Mature-rated game, you’ll notice the request here.
  8. Tap Apps to see a list of your teen’s apps.
  9. If you see an inappropriate app, tap  to the right of the app.
  10. On this screen, you may learn more about the app, including a description and an age rating. Tap Block if you don’t want your teen to have access.Apps, three dots, and Block highlighted in Oculus parental controls.If you change your mind, or the situation changes as your teen gets older, you can tap … next to a blocked app, then tap Allow.
  11. Tap the gear icon for more options.
  12. In the additional options, you can choose whether to automatically block games based on your teen’s age and other options. Tap Notifications to adjust when you receive notifications about your teen’s activity.
  13. Allow Notifications to receive notifications on your teen’s activities and then select whether you want notifications on your phone, in your VR headset, or both.Gear icon, Notifications, and Allow Notifications highlighted in Oculus parental supervision settings.

Meta Quest parental controls are in the works, and Meta expects to introduce further controls and settings in the future.


How do I enable parental restrictions on the PlayStation 4 VR?

In the Settings menu, you may enable parental controls for the PS4 console (and, by extension, the VR headset). Select Parental Controls/Family Management > choose the child’s account to limit > establish the desired limitations.

How do I configure SteamVR for the Quest headset?

Using a USB link cable, you can play SteamVR through a Quest headset. You’ll also need the Quest app, Steam, and SteamVR to play. When everything is ready and connected, turn on the headset and select Continue from the pop-up menu, followed by Enable Oculus Link.

Can I use a Quest headset to play Minecraft?

You may use your Oculus Quest headset to play either the normal or Bedrock editions of Minecraft as long as you have a VR-enabled PC and a connection cable. However, the procedure varies depending on whatever version of the game you’re attempting to run.

How can I use a Quest headset to play Roblox?

A VR-enabled PC and a connection cable are required to play Roblox on your Oculus Quest headset. If you are experiencing difficulties, you may need to install and run SteamVR in order to enable VR options.

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