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How to Make an Enchantment Table in Minecraft? [Updated 2022]

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For as basic as Minecraft appears when you first start — punch a tree, craft, repeat — things will ultimately get more sophisticated and fanciful. Consider magical gateways, lethal dragons, glowing pyramids, and other elements.

You can even utilise magic yourself thanks to the enchantment table item (also known as the “enchanting” table). The enchantment table can provide magical improvements to your weapons, armour, and other gear. Some spells, for example, make your tools function quicker and last longer, while others protect you.

You must first learn how to construct an Enchantment Table in Minecraft before you can enchant objects. You’ll also need to build some bookshelves to make the most of your Enchantment Table.

This article’s instructions apply to Minecraft on all platforms.

How to Make an Enchantment Table in Minecraft Easy Guide!

You’ll need the following items to make an Enchantment Table:

  • 1 Book
  • 2 Diamonds
  • 4 Obsidian

Here’s how to gather the items you’ll need and construct your Enchantment Table:

  1. Create a Crafting Station. 4 wood planks of any kind (Oak Wood Planks, Jungle Wood Planks, etc.).Crafting Table in Minecraft crafting grid
  2. Create a book. Open your Crafting Table and place it on the ground. Fill the first and second boxes on the top row with two papers. Put 1 Paper in the second box in the middle row. Fill the second box in the bottom row with 1 Leather. Place three Sugar Cane on the middle row of the Crafting Table to manufacture paper. 4 hides are used to make leather. (Leather can also be obtained as a drop from a dead cow, mooshroom, horse, donkey, mule, or llama, or a hoglin in the nether.).A Book in Minecraft crafting grid
  3. Obtain at least two diamonds. Diamonds can be found in treasure chests, such as town treasure chests and beach treasure chests, or they can be extracted from Diamond Ore in desert temples, mineshafts, or underground caves. To mine diamonds, you’ll need an Iron Pickaxe or something tougher. You’ll need either a Diamond Pickaxe or a Netherite Pickaxe for the following phase, so gather 3 more Diamonds to craft one if you don’t already have one.Mining Diamonds in a cave in Minecraft
  4. Obsidian mine. Pour water on lava bricks to make Obsidian blocks with a Water Bucket. Alternatively, obsidian is frequently found organically formed underground, where water washed over lava. Then, using a Diamond Pickaxe or a Netherite Pickaxe, mine the blocks to obtain Obsidian. To create a Bucket, head to your Crafting Table and place two Iron Ingots in the first and third boxes of the top row, then one in the second box of the middle row.Obsidian in lava in Minecraft
  5. Make an Enchantment Table. Fill in the second box in the top row with 1 Book. Put 2 Diamonds in the first and third boxes of the middle row, then Obsidian in the middle box. Fill all three boxes in the bottom row with 3 Obsidian.An Enchantment Table in Minecraft Crafting Table

How Many Bookshelves Do You Need for an Enchantment Table?

To enchant objects in Minecraft, you don’t need to build a bookcase. Each bookcase, on the other hand, raises the level of your Enchantment Table, allowing you to construct more powerful enchantments.

There must be one vacant space between the bookshelf and the Enchantment Table for a bookshelf to have an effect. To reach the maximum level (30), you must properly arrange 15 bookshelves around your Enchantment Table.

An Enchantment Table surrounded by bookshelves in Minecraft

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How Do You Make a Full Enchantment Table?

In Minecraft, to build a level 30 Enchantment Table, set your Enchantment Table in the centre of 15 bookshelves, leaving an empty space between the table and each bookshelf. The simplest method to accomplish this is to arrange your bookshelves in a 5X5 square with an entrance opening.

A full Enchantment Table surrounded by 15 bookshelves in Minecraft

Alternatively, you can build a library nook by stacking the bookshelves two blocks high.

An Enchanting Table in a library nook in Minecraft

How Many Diamonds Do You Need to Make an Enchantment Table?

To make an Enchantment Table, you’ll need two Diamonds. You’ll also need Obsidian, which takes a Diamond Pickaxe or stronger to mine, so grab 3 more Diamonds (for a total of 5) if you can. Place 3 Diamonds in the top row of the Crafting Table, then Sticks in the middle boxes of the second and third rows to construct a Diamond Pickaxe.

You can’t dismantle a Diamond Pickaxe, therefore you can’t repurpose the Diamonds for your Enchantment Table.

A Diamond Pickaxe in Minecraft Crafting Table

How Do I Enchant Items in Minecraft?

You’ll need a Lapis Lazuli to enchant an item with unique properties, which may be mined underground near bedrock. Place the Enchantment Table on the ground and interact with it to reveal the enchanted menu.

An Enchanting Table surrounded by bookshelves in Minecraft

Place the item to be enchanted in the left slot, followed by a Lapis Lazuli in the second slot. You will be given three options at random. Drag the enchanted object back to your inventory after selecting an enchantment.

Enchantment menu in Minecraft

Your XP level determines your enchanting possibilities. As you beat foes, breed animals, mine materials, or use a furnace, you will gain XP orbs. Without a bookcase, the maximum level enchantment you can create is level 8.

Diamond Pickaxe with Efficiency !V in Minecraft Enchantment Table

Enchanting Table Full Guide in Hindi | How to play Minecraft Part 5 | @Minecraft @Gaming


What is the procedure for resetting an enchantment table? 

If you don’t like the three upgrade options that appear in your enchantment table, you can “reset” them. Use a new item with the table to remove the current three possibilities and replace them with three additional. You can use a Grindstone to remove the enchantment from the item, or an Anvil to transfer the enchantment from the item to another item.

What language is used on the Enchantment Table?

The Enchantment Table’s runes are the Standard Galactic Alphabet. This language was inspired by the Commander Keen video game series, which debuted in 1990. Because each symbol immediately replaces a letter in the English alphabet, the runes can be translated by hand. Online translators are also available.

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