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How To Make A Twitter Poll With A Picture

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So you have a Twitter account and want to increase your Twitter followers! Assuming that is the case, let us state that you will require a Twitter ads account. Yes, this is so true that it’s difficult to ignore the power of Twitter Ads. You’ve probably seen Twitter polls with eye-catching images, but do you know how to make them? If you’re wondering how to do a poll on Twitter with a picture, look no further. The solution is to create a Twitter Ads account!

Using a Twitter poll, you can ask your audience a question in a Tweet with four possible answers. People can easily express their opinions by taking part in Twitter polls. No redirecting them to another website, requiring them to fill out a form, or wasting their time. Voting should only take a few seconds. Furthermore, unlike traditional surveys, there is no waiting for results. Users can immediately see the results. They may naturally disseminate your poll to other users by retweeting it. How to Make a Twitter Poll with a Picture The answer can be found in the following section of the article.

Twitter polls are an excellent way to gather the majority of the necessary information from a large group of niche people that you are targeting. However, if you believe that creating a Twitter Poll is simple, you may be mistaken. Let’s learn how to make the most of a Twitter poll with a picture.

Step 1: Create a Twitter Ads Account

The first step in creating a poll on Twitter with a picture is to sign up for a Twitter Ads account. If you aren’t already logged in to Twitter, go to http://ads.twitter.com and sign in with your standard Twitter credentials. Following that, you must follow the on-screen instructions to set up your account, which includes entering your debit or credit card information. If you do not select the promoted option when making poll tweets

Step 2: Log Into The Brand Networks Composer

To finish this step, go to https://composer.bn.co/ and sign in with your Twitter credentials. If you are logging into the programme for the first time, you must follow the on-screen instructions to grant the Brand Networks Composer permission to your Twitter account. You must also choose which Twitter Ad account to use.

Step 3: Select The Media Poll Option

Step 2 should result in a screen similar to the one shown in the screenshot. From now on, select the Create a Media Poll option.

Step 4: Create Your Tweet

The final step in conducting a poll on Twitter with an image is to compose a Tweet. Allow some text in your tweet, as well as optional images or videos and a few hashtags. If you are having trouble adding an image or video, use the Twitter Media Library, which can be found in your Twitter Ads account under the Creatives tab. If you choose to include a picture in this manner, you must first save it to your media library before using the Brand Networks Composer to compose your tweet.

Now, add 2-4 poll options and decide how long you want the poll to be open for (between 5 minutes and 7 days).Uncheck the Promoted Only option in the publish information section if you want to run a free Twitter poll.

Next, decide whether you want to post the tweet immediately or later. When you’re done, click tweet. Depending on your selection, your tweet will be published immediately or scheduled for later.


I hope this blog helped you understand how to create a Twitter poll with a picture. Let’s get started with the Twitter Ads account mentioned in this article. Pay close attention to the instructions. Do you have a question? Please let me know in the comments section.

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