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How to Make a Mastodon Server

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Hundreds of thousands of businesses are now available online. If your company does not have an online store, you are most likely missing out on a large number of customers. How should it be resolved? It is always preferable to host your own business on your own server with Mastodon server hosting. Mastodon can assist you with this. How? Let us pamper ourselves by teaching you how to create a Mastodon server and enjoy Mastodon hosting!

Do not let your business graph fall this fall. Learn how to set up a Mastodon Server and begin hosting your own websites. All you need is a domain name, a virtual private server, and an email provider. Let’s go through the blog and easily set up your first Mastodon Server.

You Manage Your Own Mastodon Server?

Complete control over your personal online voice, free of external constraints or whims. Your rules apply to your server, which is owned by you. It will exist for as long as you want it to. You are not alone on your own server. Anyone on a different server can be tracked, tracked, and messaged as if they were on the same server.

It’s entirely up to you whether you want to run a server where anyone can sign up or limit sign-ups so that you’re the only one using it and treating it like a personal blog. You will have complete control over your server when using Mastodon server hosting.

Step 1: Get the Domain Name: This is the way the network’s users will be able to access your server and recognize you and your users.

How To Do It: Any of the limitless amount of domain name registrants, including Namecheap and Gandi. carries a yearly fee that varies based on the domain name selected.

Step 2: Get A VPs: Something with a permanent internet connection that will launch the Mastodon software.

How To Do It: Any of the countless hosting companies, including DigitalOcean, Hetzner, Exoscale, and Scaleway. is priced differently monthly or annually depending on the hardware requirements.

Step 3: Get An Email Provider: Mastodon requires that you send verification links and other types of notifications via email, and while operating your own SMTP server is technically doable, doing so with any degree of reliability is far more challenging than merely using a third-party provider.

How To Do It: Any of the countless email hosting companies that provide an SMTP API, such as Mailgun, SparkPost, Postmark, Sendgrid, etc. has a monthly fee based on the number of emails sent.

Step 4: Object storage provider: Mastodon can store files that both you and other users submit on the VPS’s hard drive, however, these drives are typically finite and challenging to upgrade afterward. You can access almost endless metered file storage from an object storage service.

How To Do It: Anything that provides an S3-compatible or Swift-compatible OpenStack API, including Amazon S3, Exoscale, Wasabi, Google Cloud, etc. has a monthly fee dependent on the number of files saved and how frequently they are viewed.

How To Host Mastodon Server With Mastohost? 

Now that you know how to create Mastodon Server hosten, let’s host your newly created server with Mastohost and explore Mastodon hosting!

Starting A Mastodon Server

Pick a plan> Chose the domain name> Make payment

Step 1: From the price page, pick a plan.

Step 2: The domain or subdomain name for the Mastodon server should be chosen.

Step 3: To make the payment, adhere to the directions.

After The Payment Is Confirmed

Set a password> the domain should be masto.host> Installation 

Step 1: Set a password for Masto.host

To administer your services on my.masto.host, you must create a password for the Masto.host account.

Step 2: The domain should be pointed to Masto.host

You will be provided information on how to point your domain or subdomain to the Masto.host servers if you decide to do so.

This step is not required for setups using the Masto.host subdomain.

Step 3: Installation

As quickly as the domain or subdomain responds to Masto.host servers, the installation process will begin immediately. You will get an email after it is finished, which should just take a few minutes.

That’s it! You have learned how to create Mastodon server as well as host the same with Mastohost. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone! Create Mastodon servers and enjoy Mastodon hosting!

Mastodon Servers

There are more than 50 servers online. Here, we have compiled a list of best 15 Mastodon servers:

  • Octodon.social
  • Mastodon.xyz
  • qoto.org
  • layer8.space
  • Toot.cafe 
  • Mspsocial.net
  • Social.tchncs.de
  • mastodon.technology
  • meow.social
  • mastodon.green
  • ravenation.club
  • climatejustice.social
  • mastodon.art
  • mas.to
  • mastodon.lol

Wrapping Up:

This short guide should have helped you understand how to create a Mastodon server, how to host it with Mastohost, and a list of Mastodon servers. Not only can you create servers, but you can also set up a Mastodon Instance in addition to Mastodon server hosting. Mastodon is a relatively new platform that has quickly gained popularity. Let’s get Mastodon Server up and running as soon as possible and share your feedback with us. Do you have a question? Please let us know in the comments section.

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