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How To Leave Reviews On Shein

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If you’re wondering how to leave a review on Shein, we’ve got something you might find useful for making your Shein purchases worthwhile. This topic will be covered in this article.

Shein is a shopping app that sells fashionable and trendy items such as clothing, accessories, and much more! The majority of Shein customers are impressed by the product’s affordability and quality. To show your appreciation for the brand and its services, learn how to leave a review on Shein and provide feedback for each purchase made on Shein.

Here’s how to leave a Shein review: Open App > Log In > Me > My Orders > Choose Order > Write A Review > Submit and you’re done!!! Furthermore, read on to find out how to leave a comment on a Shein product.

Learn how to leave a review on Shein, as well as all of the tips and tricks you should know before reviewing and shopping on Shein.

If you are interested in fashion lines and like to keep up with trends, shopping at Shein is the best option. Shein introduces all the latest trends that are both impressive and affordable. However, if you are new to Shein, you will rely entirely on Shein reviews posted by previous and old customers before purchasing anything or making any decision.

In order to help the newbies, you should drop reviews out as soon as you receive your parcel to ease the process of shopping for others too!

Open App > Log In > Me > My Orders > Select Order > Write A Review > Submit

Step 01: Open “Shein application” on Your device or you can also access the web version of Shein for learning how to leave a review on Shein.

Step 02: Next, “Login” to your Shein account with your registered credentials like e-mail address, phone number and password.

Step 03: After that, scroll a bit downwards on the homepage and click on the “Me” button.

Step 04: Now, click on the “My Orders” button to access all the unpaid, shipped, refunded and returned products in the form of a list.

Step 05: Now, from the list of the previously ordered products, select the item for which you want to submit a review.

Step 06: Then find and click on the “Write A Review” button or you can directly give the selected products stars according to their quality from one to five.

Step 07: At last, click on the “Submit” or “Post A Review” button to end the process and successfully upload a review on Shein.

And wallah! You have learnt how to leave a review on Shein in just a couple of minutes. After posting a review, if you wish to view your review on the Shein app then you can click on the app and head “My Orders” and then go to “Reviews” and you will find all your previously posted reviews over there.

How To Add A Comment On Shein Products?

How To Leave A Review On Shein?

In order to add a comment on Shein one has to make a purchase from Shein and wait till you get that product parcel at your doorstep. Once you get your ordered items make a comment. Make sure that you have that product in your hand before posting a comment on that product.

Every buyer is allowed to comment on pictures through Android mobile apps and iOS devices. Here are the instructions for how to leave a review on Shein in the form of comments for both iOS and Android devices. 

How To Add Comments On Shein On iPhone?

Open App > Login > Profile > Submitted > Comments > Add Comments, Pictures, Feedbacks > Submit

Step 01: Open the Shein app in your iOS and Login to your account by filling in the email address and password.

Step 02: Head to your Profile and click on the Submitted button.

Step 03: Next you will be redirected to a page where you will find the Comments tab. Click on it.

Step 04: Now you can add comments, leave a review, upload product pictures and rate them accordingly on the same page.

Step 05: Once done, click on the Submit button to post your feedback.

How To Add A Comment On Shein On Android?

Open App > Login > Profile > Orders > Menu > Comments > Add Pictures & Feedbacks > Submit

Step 01: Launch the Shein app on your Android device and login to your account.

Step 02: Next head to Orders from your Profile Page.

Step 03: Now click on the Menu (three dots) under the Submitted section.

Step 04: Now click on the Comments button and select an order on which you want to add a comment.

Step 05: Next, write a comment, add pictures and submit your feedback.

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