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How to Leave a Telegram Group Without Being Notified

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If you want to leave a Telegram group without being notified, there is a setting that allows you to do so. However, if you are not actively involved in the group or with its members for whatever reason and wish to leave but are unable to do so because it would be impolite, you can leave the Telegram group without informing anyone. Are you curious? Continue reading to find out how to leave a Telegram group without anyone knowing.

You can leave a Telegram group without telling anyone by selecting the Group Chat’s name at the top of the screen > selecting more > You can then select “Leave Group.” This will show you how to leave a Telegram group without being notified. This guide will answer the question, “What does a person see when I leave a Telegram group?”

If your group chat is always crowded, the proper way to exit the group is to exit the group normally. The logic behind this is that if chat is constantly loaded with text messages and links, members will ignore the notification that you are leaving the group. Although it is a risky method, it is the only direct method of leaving the chat without anyone noticing.

Exiting A Telegram Group Without Notification

How To Leave A Telegram Group Without Notification?

Are you wondering what does telegram say when you leave a group> Well, then here we are with you a complete guide on what happens when you telegram group. Telegram permits its users to create groups to communicate with a good number of users at once. These groups sometimes get rushed with content and texts that might not be of that much sense to you. It becomes boring and irritating slowly and gradually for you to receive hundreds of useless notifications.

Then you decide to exit but, it will be very offensive and upsetting to your friends watching you leave the group after being added by them. This becomes a big headache but you can’t help yourself. On one hand, you really want to get rid of those annoying notifications and on the other hand, you don’t want to hurt any of your friends. Then what? Let us tell you what! This post can help you go through this awkward situation, just follow the post till the end and know how to leave group without notification telegram.

If you badly bored of a telegram group on your telegram and plan on leaving telegram group , then come let’s learn more about it as to how to leave group without notification telegram.

Is It Possible To Leave a Telegram Group Silently?

You all must be wondering whether, does telegram show when you leave a group? Then, there is no solution to exit a group without letting others know because the very next moment after you exit the group the Telegram team will drop notification to the admins of the group that you have successfully exited the group. So, for all those asking can you leave telegram group without notification? Then there is straight answer to this, that no there is no way to leave telegram group without notification.

There is no fix to this problem that can allow you to exit a Telegram group secretly because the team has set this rule to default that they will notify others if one leaves the group. If this notification wasn’t created in the first place, then others might have thought that you’ve stopped using your Telegram or you have uninstalled the application or there might be some sort of bug in your system. So, in order to prevent that Telegram team informs others that you have left the group.

If you are also wondering can i leave telegram group without notification? Well then, you cannot leave a group secretly but there are a few loopholes that can save you from this issue which will be equal to exiting a Telegram group without actually doing that. Below is a guide on how to leave group on telegram.

How To Leave A Group on Telegram Without Notification?

Here is a full step-by-step guide on how to leave telegram group without anyone knowing on Android, iOS, and Desktop:

If you have an issue like whether can you leave telegram group without notification and Looking forward to know how to leave a telegram group without notification, then follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: In order to know how to leave a group in telegram without notification you first have to, open Telegram.

Step 2: leave group telegram: Open group you wish to exit.

Step 3: Click on the Group icon.

Step 4: Click on the three dots.

Step 5: Choose to Delete and exit the group option from the list.

Step 6: It’s the point where you have to decide if you really wanna leave the group or give it one more try by staying, after confirming click on Delete Chat to ensure.

Amazing! Now you can exit the group.

How To Leave A Group on Telegram Without Notification On Desktop?

Follow these simple steps to telegram leave group without notification

First of all, open Telegram.

Then tap on Group in your chat display.

Tap on the three dots.

Click on the Delete and Exit button from the list.

Ensure by tapping on Leave.

Now you delete the group!

This is how to leave a telegram group without anyone knowing. Follow these simple steps.

How To Leave A Telegram Group Without Anyone Knowing On iOS?

  • Open the Telegram application.
  • Open the Group you wish to leave.
  • Next tap on the Group’s name.
  • Click on Edit.
  • Then choose the “Leave Group” option from the list.
  • Click on the Leave Group to ensure.
  • Here you go! You can leave the group now.

Exiting The Group By Archiving The Conversation

Here’s one more method that you can try to leave a Telegram group secretly, which is by archiving the conversation.

This process is the most effective one when you intend to exit a group or chat. This includes deleting your conversation so that you may not need to view it every time you open Telegram. And, because the chat is not so active, after archiving it you will receive no messages from this group preventing it from reappearing again and again.

How To Archive a Chat?

  1. Go to Telegram.
  2. Open the chat you wish to archive.
  3. For iPhone, slide to the left from the chat. For Android, tap and hold to view the options.
  4. Select Archive.

How To Block A Telegram Group Secretly? 

Above was a step-wise guide on how to leave telegram group. Now next up is how to block a telegram group secretly. Another method to leave a Telegram group without getting noticed by anyone is by blocking the group.

This method doesn’t only block a Telegram group but also gives you rid of unwanted messages and notifications. This is an alternate method to leave a Telegram group because it provides all the facilities without letting anyone know.

Blocking a group on Telegram includes visiting every admin’s account and blocking them individually. This is a very effective way but only when you are not in touch with any of the members or admin personally. They get no hint that they have been blocked. So, it’s an advantage for you along with it you can easily escape from the group, texts, and notifications.

How To Mute A Telegram Group Without Letting Anyone Know?

How To Leave A Telegram Group Without Notification?

Another method to leave a group secretly on Telegram is by setting the group on mute. However, this doesn’t exactly let you leave a group but it’s similar to that up to some extent. You will still be a member of the group even after muting but, you will no longer receive any notifications from that specific group. 

To mute a group on Telegram, follow the given steps:

  • Open Telegram.
  • Visit the group page in the chat list.
  • Click on the name of the group.
  • Next you’ll observe a list of options, find and tap on Mute from the list.

You have successfully muted the group, enjoy your peace without getting interrupted by unwanted notifications.

How To Delete A Telegram Group Without Notifying Others?

The group might be occupying too much space and memory in the application because of all the media it contains, for example, pictures, videos, movies, etc. Hence, you desire to delete the group. So, if you wish to delete a Telegram group without notifying anyone else in the group and without exactly exiting the group, let’s begin.

In order to delete a Telegram group without actually leaving the group follow the mentioned instructions :

  • Go to Telegram application.
  • Open the chat you wish to delete.
  • For iPhone, slide to the left from the chat.
  • For Android, tap and hold to view the options.
  • Select Delete.

After this, the group will be swept out of your chat list without actually leaving the group in the Telegram. This action will delete all the media from that chat and will wipe all the memory and data it had earlier creating space for another one.

When You Leave a Group on Telegram Will It Show Anyone?

Are you wondering does telegram notify when you leave a group? Well then we have an answer for you in this guide. Keep reading!! Above we offered you a step-wise guide on how to leave telegram group and how to block someone on twitter. If you wondering if anyone gets any notification if you leave group telegram then let us tell you. Telegram does not notify anyone when you leave a channel. So, to answer this, when you leave a group on telegram will it show anyone, it will not show anyone or notify anyone.

What Happens When you Leave a Telegram Group?

If you no longer wish to participate in one of your groups in Telegram, you can leave it any time you want. When you do, you won’t receive messages and notifications from the conversation in the future. You can leave a group whether you’re using Telegram on your phone or desktop. However, when you leave group telegram, then all the remaining group members do get notified for the same.


That’s all there is to it for how to leave a Telegram group without being notified.

Telegram is a consumer-based application that provides first-rate security, privacy, and safety. A user can send and receive multiple media files while also taking advantage of the virtual instant connection. Telegram is an instant messaging app that allows you to interact with your contacts in real time. You can have fun chatting with 100 users at once in a group.

Telegram is rapidly evolving. However, due to its lack of popularity and poor marketing strategy, other messaging applications are currently leading the market. Nonetheless, Telegram is used by more than half of our close contacts.

Telegram, like WhatsApp, offers greater security when sending quick texts to your contacts. One of Telegram’s main goals is that the Telegram team does not share or sell user data to any third party. As a result, you can text and interact with your friends and family without having to worry about advertisements in the app.

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