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How To Jailbreak PS4| Easy Way

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Are you looking for ways to personalise your PlayStation 4? Do you want to play free games? All you need to do is jailbreak your PS4. We have put together a comprehensive guide on how to jailbreak your PS4.

Jailbreaking your PlayStation 4 is akin to opening Pandora’s box. It opens up a world of possibilities. You will be able to use custom firmware and software that Sony does not permit. You will have access to new enhanced features and will be able to play games for free. You can also run homebrew applications that improve your console’s functionality and performance.

To jailbreak your PS4, you must first download the custom firmware jailbreak > WinRAR should be used to extract the file > Copy the file using a USB > Connect the USB to the PS4 > PS4 System Software Upgrade > Your console will now run v3.50cfw custom firmware.

Before you decide to jailbreak your PS4, you should consider the consequences. You will no longer be able to download original games or play online multiplayer games after jailbreaking your PS4. In addition, downloading pirated versions of games makes your console more vulnerable to malware. If you have a jailbroken PS4, you will also be denied any warranty.

Jailbreaking a console involves modifying the device by downloading a custom firmware. This gives the user administrative power to modify the device by removing Sony-imposed restrictions. You can also backup your game using the PS4 HDD or an external hard drive. 3.0

The Fundamentals of PS4 Jailbreak

1.Do not update your PlayStation 4 to the most recent version. It is extremely difficult to jailbreak a PS4 if it is running the most recent version or updated software.

2.Confirm that you are using the 9.03 or older version of the PS4 console.

3.Be aware that jailbreaking your PS4 will require a great deal of patience. It has been observed that the average time between two jailbreaks is at least 9 month.

What You Need To Jailbreak PS4?

You will need the following if you want to jailbreak PS4.

1. USB with at least 1GB free space.

2. PS4 9.00 or older versions.

3. An extraction program like WinRAR.

How Do I Jailbreak My PS4?

Before you jailbreak your PS4, make the following checks:

  • Check to see if your console is PS4 9.0 or older. It is critical that you check this, as the following method will not allow you to jailbreak a PS4 that is running the most recent version of the console.
  • Immediately stop updating your console. You will not be able to jailbreak a PS4 that is regularly updated.
  • Confirm the firmware version of your PS4 on Sony’s official website.
  • Check to see if your PS4 is compatible with the firmware you intend to download.

To jailbreak PS4 you will have to download the custom firmware jailbreak > Extract the file with WinRAR > Use a USB to copy the file > Plug in the USB to PS4 > System Software Update on your PS4 > Your console will now operate in a custom firmware v3.50cfw.

Step 1 – Download the custom firmware file to jailbreak PS4.

Step 2 – Use WinRAR to extract the downloaded file. You can opt to use any other extraction program that you want.

Step 3 –Insert a USB into the system.

Step 4 – Copy the extracted files to the USB’s root.

Step 5 – Go to your PS4 and turn it off.

Step 6 – Now insert the USB into the console that is turned off.

Step 7 – Turn on your PS4 after a minute.

Step 8 – Open Settings > System update

How To Jailbreak PS4 - software update

Step 9 – Select Update through storage media > Proceed.

Step 10 – Wait until the installation of the custom firmware is complete.

How To Jailbreak PS4 - v4.01

Step 11 – Notice your console operating on v4.01, a custom firmware.

You have now successfully jailbroken your PS4. You can now enjoy features that were restricted to your earlier.

What Happens If You Jailbreak Your PS4?

When you jailbreak your PS4, you will have an entirely new gaming experience. You will have access to games and features that you did not previously have. You’ll notice that you can get games and customise your weapons for free. You may also come across rare games that are difficult to obtain for regular gamers.

  • Create unique characters by creating custom themes by adding graphics and colours to your avatar.
  • Downloading emulators will give you access to retro and rare games.
  • You will have access to homebrew games.
  • You can play Steam games on your PS4 by installing Linux.
  • You can save your game using the PS4 HDD or an External HDD 3.0.

Is Jailbreaking the PS4 Safe?

When deciding to jailbreak your PS4, it is critical to understand the risks involved. When you jailbreak your PS4, you will be vulnerable to the following disadvantages.

  • You will be unable to use your PS4’s warranty. Because you have a jailbroken PS4, you will not be able to get help from Sony’s customer service centre if you have any problems with your console’s operations.
  • You will be unable to install any official versions of newly released games. You will have to wait for the game’s pirated version to be released, which will be less satisfying than playing the original version.
  • For jailbreaking the console, you risk being blocked or even banned from the PlayStation Network.
  • If you jailbreak your PS4, you will be unable to play online multiplayer games.
  • So, before you decide to jailbreak your PS4, consider everything you stand to lose.


The PS4 has evolved into a retro console. The new and improved PS5 has taken the world by storm. If you recently purchased a PS4 and are unable to obtain the new PS5, all you need to do is jailbreak your PS4. When you jailbreak your PS4, you will gain access to almost everything available in the newly released console, including the most recent software updates. However, keep in mind the risks of jailbreaking the PS4 and take the necessary precautions as mentioned.

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