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How to Find Netherite in Minecraft [updated]

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How to Find Netherite in Minecraft: Netherite is a valuable substance that is utilised to create the best Minecraft gear. In Minecraft, here’s how to find, produce, and use Netherite.

This information applies to all platforms of Minecraft.

How Do I Find Netherite in Minecraft?

Netherite blocks do not spawn naturally in Minecraft. Netherite must be created by smelting Ancient Debris in a Furnace. Ancient Debris is a rare resource found only in the Nether that may be mined using a Diamond Pickaxe.

Netherite Scraps can be combined with Gold Ingots to create Netherite Ingots, which can then be crafted into strong Netherite weapons, tools, and armour. You can combine 9 Netherite Ingots to make a Netherite block to save space in your inventory.

How Do I Make Netherite in Minecraft?

How Do I Make Netherite in Minecraft?

Follow these steps to craft Netherite Ingots in Minecraft:

  1. Make a Nether Portal and go through it to enter the Nether.A Nether Portal in Minecraft
  2. Mine 4 Ancient Debris. Use a Diamond Pickaxe. You’ll need 4 blocks per Nether Ingot.Mining Ancient Debris in Minecraft
  3. Make a Furnace and smelt Ancient Debris to make 4 Netherite Scraps.Smelting Ancient Debris into Netherite Scrap in a Furnace in Minecraft
  4. Make 4 Gold Ingots by smelting Raw Gold in a Furnace.Smelting Raw Gold into Gold Ingots in a Furnace in Minecraft
  5. Make your Netherite Ingot. In a Crafting Table, combine 4 Netherite Scraps and 4 Gold Ingots. It doesn’t matter how you arrange them.To make a Crafting Table, combine 4 Wood Planks. Any type of wood will do.Crafting a Netherite Ingot in Minecraft
  6. If you want to conserve space in your inventory, combine 9 Netherite Ingots to make a block of Netherite.Combine 9 Netherite Ingots to make a block of Netherite in Minecraft

Where Do I Find Ancient Debris in Minecraft?

Ancient Debris spawns deep in the Nether, generally in 2-3 block veins. It will very certainly occur below Y coordinate 15. F3 or Settings > Game > Show Coordinates will display coordinates (the middle number is the Y coordinate).

Digging down should be done with caution because you may come across lava. It is preferable to excavate a meandering stairs rather than digging straight down. Keep an eye on your surroundings and make sure you can return to your Nether Portal. It can get quite dark, so bring some candles with you.

Because Ancient Debris has a high blast resistance, one strategy is to excavate it with TNT. Arrange 4 Sand blocks and 5 Gunpowder in the pattern to make TNT.

Place the TNT on the ground and ignite it with Flint and Steel before moving out of the path. Except for Obsidian and Ancient Debris, the majority of the blocks will be destroyed. Continue blowing up blocks until you’ve found all of the Ancient Debris you require.

How Do I Craft Netherite Equipment?

In a Smith Table, combine your Diamond equipment with a Netherite Ingot to create Netherite tools, weapons, and armour. Take the following steps:

  1. Craft a Smithing Table. In a Crafting Table, place 2 Iron Ingots in the first two boxes of the top row, then place Wood Planks in the first two boxes of the middle and bottom rows.To make Iron Ingots, smelt Iron Ore in a Furnace.How to craft a Smithing Table in Minecraft
  2. Place the Diamond equipment you want to upgrade in the first box.A Diamond Sword in a Smithing Table in Minecraft
  3. Place a Netherite Ingot in the second box.A Netherite Ingot in a Smithing Table in Minecraft
  4. Drag the new Netherite equipment into your inventory. Any enchantments will transfer over.A Netherite Sword in a Smithing Table in Minecraft

Netherite tools are faster, stronger, and last longer than diamond tools. Similarly, Netherite armour protects more than Diamond armour, making it particularly beneficial while battling Withers and the Ender Dragon. Additionally, all Netherite equipment floats, even in lava.


What does Netherite Ore look like?

Netherite Ore is represented as a crimson block. There is a design on each side, with one triangle in each corner and an X in the centre.

What level is Netherite Ore found?

Netherite Ore can be found at any level of the Nether. You can get here by creating a Nether Portal.

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