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How Did Dora Die in TikTok? explained

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How Did Dora Die in TikTok: TikTok users are becoming popular by expressing their reactions to the topic “how did Dora die?” and generating hundreds of thousands of views. Here’s everything you need to know about the strange trend.

TikTok, the short-form video platform, can be a strange world at times, and many of the trends that have gone popular on the app have exploded simply because they are strange.

The ‘how did Dora die’ trend, which first surfaced on the app in late May and has since reappeared to perplex people, is one such example.

Dora refers to the cartoon character Dora the Explorer, who stars in the show of the same name and goes on adventures with a monkey named Boots.

This disturbing Dora craze advises people to google search how the character allegedly died, capturing their faces both before and after learning the information.

Some users who took part in the trend received thousands of views and likes for their shocked reactions.

Did Dora actually die?

No, you will be pleased to learn that Dora is not officially dead.

Searching for her cause of death may yield results such as falling into quicksand or a river, falling into a canyon, being eaten by a crocodile, and being “disintegrated by a lightning bolt,” among many other possibilities.

However, they all appear to have originated with TheStringiniBros’ 2012 fanmade music video titled ‘Dora No More.’ The film, which has been viewed over 9 million times, depicts the various ways Dora may have died on her adventure, with the tagline “Exploring can be risky youngsters.”Despite not being true, these fabricated causes of Dora’s death have proven to be excellent subject material for TikTok reaction videos.

Final Thoughts

TikTok, a short video platform, is home to various odd trends. TikTok’s weekly trends will always have new stories to share. TikTok’s How Did Dora Die is a reaction video series. I’ve covered everything about this strange trend and explained who Dora is for Gen-Z (in case you don’t know who she is). What other strange trends have you noticed on TikTok? Leave a comment.

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