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Google is already delivering air-raid alerts to Android phones in Ukraine


Google is using its sophisticated tools to assist Ukrainians who have been displaced as a result of Russian aggression.

The escalating conflict between Russia and Ukraine has prompted Google to issue air-raid notifications to Android phones in the occupied country..

Accordingly, Google has collaborated on a project to provide Ukrainians with prior notification of air raids in order for them to flee for their own safety.


Air strike notifications are currently the only way that millions of people in Ukraine can get out of danger.” A quick Air Raid Alerts system for Android phones has been launched in Ukraine at the request of the government and with the assistance of Google, according to Kent Walker, head of worldwide affairs at Google. According to the Ukrainian government, this effort is an addition to the country’s current air raid alarm systems and is based on notifications that have previously been given.

According to Dave Burke, vice president of engineering for Android, Google’s earthquake alert system was adapted for the air raid alert, which is currently being rolled out to all Android devices in Ukraine.

Ongoing efforts to remove the Ukrainian Air Alarm app from Google Play Store are being bolstered by this new campaign. Ukrainians with active alerts enabled on their phones can receive notifications of air raids through this app.


All of this shows how digital businesses may react to the Ukraine issue in a good manner. Google has access to a lot of personal information, but in this case, that information is being used to save people’s lives.

In addition to helping Ukrainian users gain access to information, Google is also keeping an eye out for potential cyber attacks. Additionally, the Google for Startups Campus in Warsaw is being made available to non-profit organisations to assist refugees with legal and psychological issues.

By halting Google advertisements in the country, the search engine giant is taking direct action against Russia. Ads across our domains and networks worldwide for all Russian-based advertisers, new Cloud signups, the payments capability for most of our services, and monetization capabilities for YouTube users in Russia have all been halted, according to Walker.


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