Google introduces DIY Pixel repair, following Apple and Samsung


Genuine parts and DIY self-repair kits are now available for a number of Pixel phones, including the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, thanks to a collaboration between Google and the repair company iFixit. You can now purchase Google-owned parts on the iFixit store and fix your Pixel yourself if it needs a quick fix.

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Although the relationship was first announced in April, Google just started implementing it today (June 30).

For the most recent Pixel models, going all the way back to the Pixel 2, iFixit will sell Fix Kits or individual Pixel parts. Any Pixel A, XL, or Pro model is also covered under the program.


The new Google Pixel 6a, which will go on sale on July 28, is also mentioned by iFixit as being covered by this. By the fall, according to iFixit, “a comprehensive variety of Pixel 6a parts as well as a full set of repair manuals” will be available.

The next Google Pixel 7, which is scheduled to go on sale later this fall, is not mentioned by iFixit, but we can presume that it will follow suit as well.

What can you actually do to fix your Pixel then? In addition to providing various adhesives for the display or acoustic pad, iFixit claims that you can repair your display, battery, and charging port. You might even have the guts to fix your own back camera. I wish you success with that! The components are offered separately or as a part of iFixit bundles that also contain a few tools. iFixit offers guides to assist with the fixing procedure.

Google and iFixit have done a good job of keeping the cost of repair kits and parts within affordable bounds. For the Pixel 6 (a third-party screen might cost up to $200), a screen replacement will run you $120, and a battery Fix Kit for the Pixel 5a, Pixel 6, and Pixel 6 Pro would cost $50.

Google offers DIY repair, following the example set by Samsung and Apple. In order to fix the Samsung Galaxy S21, S20, and Tab S7 phones and tablets, Samsung teamed up with iFixit in March.


A catch was included with the iPhone Self Service Repair kits that Apple just released. When purchasing parts, Apple asks repairers to provide a device’s IMEI or serial number, therefore parts had to match an iPhone with the same serial number. This provides Apple the option to accept or reject any future repairs using parts from various suppliers.

Additionally, the cheapest Apple self-service kit(opens in new tab) costs $216 for a display press for an iPhone. The tool kit is available for hire for a week for $49. Only latest iPhones, starting with the iPhone 12 and up to the iPhone SE 2022, are compatible with the DIY repair and kits.

With its self repair partnership, Google appears to surpass Apple in comparison. It’s also less priced, and there don’t seem to be any restrictions.


For both iPhones and Pixels, there is the proviso that you must open up your phone yourself and that the warranty will not cover you if something goes wrong. Apple does offer a support program called Apple Care that covers repairs for a while, but you have to enroll in it when you purchase a product.

States are pushing for “right to repair” laws that would compel phone manufacturers to provide consumers with repair components, which has sparked a flurry of DIY initiatives. Such a law was enacted in New York earlier this month.


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